Gears of War 4 October Update Contains Final Map Pack and Season Pass Bonus

Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition announced today what’s coming in the October update for the game, including the final two maps and more for season pass holders.

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Nu339d ago

Hopefully pass owners get some worthwhile shit through this update

V0MIT_M0NSTER338d ago

The last map pack? Wow it doesn't even feel like it's been out very long.

DARK_WOLF338d ago

Its been out for a year now

Vasto338d ago

Just waiting to see the Nov Xbox One update!

opinionated338d ago

I turned it on the other day and I had like 100 lootboxes. I got tired of opening shit up. It’s been so long since I played it that I don’t know if they were given to me or if i earned them by playing the horde shit lol.

alb1899338d ago

This game have so much support. Gears is one of the most valuable games in this generation.

Nu338d ago

It's afun ass game for sure. My 13 year old neice just recently discovered this gem and I'm surprised to see the killing she can do it's funny to watch her skills as a novice and still manages to hold her own.

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