GT Sport Review – A Compromising Vision | Game Informer

An earnest attempt at an online-focused title that conveys a love of racing but also contains a few missteps.

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212d ago
hench07212d ago

It's crazy how far the GT franchise has fallen. If it didn't have the sales PD would be long dead by now

Killa78212d ago

As would anything lol.

The crux of the matter is, regardless of how well their games review, they have an incredible following due to the genuine racing experience they offer.

freshslicepizza212d ago

They have a following because of their name. There are better racing experiences out there that don't get as many sales.

ratcha212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

@moldybread above: "They have a following because of their name". lmao. And they have a stablished name because of?? Fanboys....smh

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bestofthebest212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Its a real bummer they focused on multiplayer so much. Gran turismo was always a great series I'm real tempted to still pick it up because it looks spectacular but I like many others am not into online racing never was. I still have my copy of the ps1 original gran turismo which I bought with my ps1 which was really my first taste of sim racing and got me into the series so to see it end up like this hurts. Hopefully the dev team are listening to all the feedback and will do some type of content patch down the line.