After losing half of its viewers on Twitch since launch, can Overwatch make it as a top tier Esport?

GitHyp: "Being Blizzard’s newest release and a team-based shooter, you’d think that Overwatch would be at the top of Blizzard’s esports roster, but after losing half of its viewer base on Twitch, that’s not the case."

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No, it cannot. It's too random and WAY too depending on your team, take a game like CS, very team based, probably the most skill-required FPS game there is and have ever been, BECAUSE... not only is there NO balance issues, not only are the maps GREAT and made for competitive and intellectual playstyles, but you can actually carry a team and outsmart opponents if you are good enough. Overwatch is a great game, I truly enjoy it.. however, it is way too random and if you don't have a good team, you will almost 100% lose every match and it doesn't matter how good you are and it's also quite unbalanced from time to time. This is fact, so downvote all you want other than that, I do hope to see OW grow again and hopefully the community will be less narcissistic and toxic.

Sokol337d ago

I fully agree, the balance issues are a problem and the team composition only work with few selected meta characters.

If you don't have a half decent team it's pretty much a guaranteed loss.

Don't even get me started on toxicity level some of the players you meet. It's enough for a headache pill..