Some Switch Indie Games To Get Limited Physical Releases Next Year

Limited Run Games on Twitter: “Excited to announce that we've been approved to publish retail games on the Nintendo Switch. Our first release will hit in 2018!”

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darthv7253d ago

LRG has been dealing with PS games for a while now that it's nice to see them branch out to Nintendo ones as well. and i hear rumors they may have worked a deal with releasing cuphead in physical form for xbo too. There are lots of digital only games on xbo and switch that should get the physical treatment.

Erik735753d ago

I heard indies are selling better on it so it's notbsurpise for Nintendo to be on board for physical releases for this console

addictedtochaos53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

They have stated that they cannot do Xbox because Microsoft’s minimum order for games is too high.

Kun_ADR53d ago

Stardew Valley physical here I come.