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GameRevolution writes: "Gran Turismo Sport represents a focal pivot for the series from single-player to online, but our review shows that's not for the better."

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darthv72182d ago

Sony has two choices. Stay the course and force people to adapt to the changes moving forward with the new direction GT is taking or do a 180 and get PD to crank out a proper GT7 to appease the long time fans.

Sony isn't in the habit of doing 180's though......

ILostMyMind182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

GTS is doing very well, there is no reason for a 180. It is an online game and will continue until the PS5 arrives. I don't think we'll see GT7 anytime soon.

GT67182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

I rather have proper GT7
From my Personal experience
GT 3 ps2 still better than GT 4,5,6 and possibly sports far as handling , controller responses.
This my personal opinion.

tucky182d ago

Agree... gt3 is by far the best of the serie in my opinion

Supraman21182d ago

I keep seeing hate for GT4 and I dont understand why? Its my favorite of the series.

GT67181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

@ Tucky below

It would been better if Polyphony up grade GT 3 graphic for ps4 call it success .

Not to sure with Sports. not Feeling GT in Sports more like Desperate move to intercept Forza 7 momentum .

Let the Truth be known

DarXyde182d ago

It sounds like the gameplay is sublime, it just needs more content. Following that logic, GT Sport will be a definitive racer in about a year when the DLC is expected to really fill it to the brim.

Ideally, if they can just get GT7 to play like Sport and include content, it'll be THE sim to beat on consoles this generation.

SCW1982182d ago

I absolutely feel its for the better. The racing atmosphere against other players is the best I have ever experienced.

Whatever234182d ago

Exactly .Sim racing thinks so also.

Bigpappy182d ago

This dog ain't hunting. Most fans of the series seem to not want an online only racing. You are ok wit that obviously, but you should be hoping PD adds SP DLC soon.

SCW1982182d ago

This will work as a service similar to iracing. I can't wait to see where GTS is at in a years time.

NoPeace_Walker182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Another 6? Wow, I expected many 7s but there are a few numbers of unexpected 6s as well. The lack of contents and online dependency of the game are the major issues for many reviewers, it looks like.

182d ago
Team_Litt182d ago

I feel like the hubris of Sony's legion has caught up with them at long last with this game.
A healthy serving of humble pie is good every now and then just to get them back here on us with the rest of us.
GT: Ndibu
PSN: Ndibu

RememberThe357182d ago

You guys talk like different factions of fans are hive minds. One guy says one thing and you attribute to an entire group. Go to a GT or Forza forum and read all the disagreements around there. But they're all just fanboys who all think the same, right?

ONESHOTV2182d ago

Dude there is a hive mind on n4g and every one knows it

RememberThe357182d ago

Don't tell me what I do to want to hear!

trooper_182d ago

You guys brag so much about your 9.5's and 9.0's with Forza, yet you're not even playing!

VforVideogames182d ago

we're all waiting for the x.

Team_Litt182d ago

I added my gamer tag. If you would just check it you'd know that I am playing FM7 and FH3

trooper_181d ago

And yet you're here waiting for every low score to show up.

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