5 weird dating sim games we might actually play

App Trigger: "You can date a pigeon, a daddy, and now you can date a sword. There’s no limit to the possibilities of dating sims, so here are five weird ones we’d actually play."

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Tross423d ago

I never heard of the dating sim genre being regarded as a joke genre, but in retrospective we do have plenty of parody games. I would actually like to see more legit games in this genre released here though.

Revy418d ago

Ah, my apologies. I don't think the dating sim genre on the whole is a joke genre, but I do think there's been a dramatic increase in joke dating sim games lately, or at least in jokes that get attention, which may be why the genre comes across as sort of funny to many. I never intended to insult anyone who loves the genre in any of its forms...I dabble myself here and there, too!