Assassin’s Creed Origins, Super Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein II: Which Should You Buy?

A difficult choice indeed.

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Woolly_51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It's not difficult for me at all...I know the one I'd buy.

Ghost_of_Tsushima51d ago

I’d buy Super Mario Odyssey without a doubt.

MVGeneral50d ago

AC origins, for serious gamers. I'm not a kid so I don't need Mario. I'll buy it for my 5 year old nephew. I'm sure he'll beat it without a challenge. And the colours and cartoon style will intrigue him.

Neonridr49d ago

@MVGeneral - that "kid game" is going to sweep the GOTY awards. I can't wait to hear the rage.

EddieNX 49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

MV GENERAL. Other way round , serious gamers will be playing Mario Odyssey over anything else.

Assassins Creed is an 8/10 series at best with rehashed mechanics , easy peezey combat .
Assassins Creed is GOOD , comparing it to Mario is like comparing a Corvette to a Bugatti

Edit- also if you knew what you were talking about you'd know Mario is a lot harder that AC, especially in the latter stages! Your 5 year old nephew won't get past 12% completion lmao

Vegamyster49d ago


AC Origins gameplay looks it holds your hand just like all the previous games lol.

cpayne9349d ago

MVGeneral have to admit I actually laughed out loud after reading your comment

Supernintendo8549d ago

@MCGeneral assasins creed died after 2. It’s a cash in like COD.

Nivekki49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I'd love to get MVGeneral in a room with a Super Mario game from recent years, and task him with 100 percent completing it, and watching him fail, again, and again, and again. and again.......because it's too tough for him.

I doubt he'd be able to get 50% completed really. All talk and shit for brains.

rockwhynot49d ago

Super Mario Oddyssey will be the tits on cid

SurgicalMenace49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

He simply asked which one you would buy, who gives a f*** if your choice gets GOTY when people decide on what they want to buy. Your inherent insult of a child is proof that you have a very unfulfilling life and have grown toxic from it. That child could very well be a prodigy, making what's difficult for you very basic to him. Who gives a f*** about reviews either, as A.C. and Wolfensteign have very good track records. How about you enjoy your Mario and allow people with system the other 2 games are releasing on enjoy them.

Life must really suck for you if you can only find your confidence in your choice of console or game being validated. Keep your sorrow to yourself and let people have their choice. So sad that insecurity is so deep now a days that the freedom of choice is viewed as a direct challenge. JS

wonderfulmonkeyman49d ago

General, just sit down before someone court martial's your ass. You're not fooling anyone with those troll posts.

Ghost_of_Tsushima49d ago


“AC origins, for serious gamers. I'm not a kid so I don't need Mario.“

Awe...we’re a big boy now so we don’t need Super Mario Odyssey? It will likely be one of the best games ever made.

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Genuine-User49d ago

Mario and Wolfenstein for me.

wonderfulmonkeyman49d ago

Ditto, though my family is getting the new AC for their PS4 so I can just play their copy and save my money for other games.XD

SurgicalMenace49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Assassins Creed and Wolfenstein for me.

Relientk7751d ago

I'm buying all 3 of these games lol

Orejillz51d ago

Lol I think I'm getting two. Trying to convince myself to get Wolfenstein...

Erik735751d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Really? I saw gameplay of assassin creed origins and while the setting is exciting I became dissapointed after watching hours of the game and in my opinion it seemed unimaginative,unpolished glitchy, and a big mess with the UI stuff going on its screen which you can disable but the way things are set up it looks quite annoying to play some missions without it. AI is NOT SMART in the slightest, very dumb. Some of the transitions to cutscenes are jarring and the facial animations for characters are just absolutely terrible looking when you compare it to Witcher 3, a game that came out a year ago. Dont even get me started on how terrible the new Far Cry looks.

Mario Odyssey looks like a joy to play and wolfenstein 2 looks like a first person shooter to have a solid campaign....something we haven't had in a long time for games.

MVGeneral50d ago

Of course anything not Nintendo is horrendous for you. You're just mad your inferior switch (made for children) can't handle a proper game like ACO.
Why didn't you like It. Was the graphics too good for you? Too serious? Too scary? You need something more cartoonish and easy that a child can play and finish without a problem?

G3ng4r49d ago

@MVG "Of course anything not Nintendo is horrendous for you."
Erik sounds excited about wolfenstein 2, which isn't nintendo developed, so your garbage post is already off to a bad start.
"You're just mad your inferior switch"
The switch is inferior as far as specs are concerned, being a handheld. It is however the best at being handheld while pc is best for the specs you want, placing ps4 somewhere in the middle with xbox as the inferior consoles. Speaking of, I hear your ps4pro is having trouble hitting 60fps in a lot of games.
"(made for children)"
Hey now little guy, you've got your ps4, if you keep being hateful you can run along and play CoD online with the other squeakers.
"can't handle a proper game like ACO."
I'll bet you thought switch couldn't handle current gen bethesda games either.
"Was the graphics too good for you?"
Did you preorder an xb1x or are you waiting to see if the graphics are too good for you?
"Too serious? Too scary?"
PS4 exclusives in general: Too emotional? Too similar graphics/gameplay? Trying too hard to be edgy?
"You need something more cartoonish"
Cartoonish like the fractured but whole or crash bandicoot? Art style hasn't been the best indicator of maturity since the 90's. You can hate on nintendo's variety of styles if you want but really most of sony's first party games look alike. I haven't seen so many games with the same gritty and muted colors since cabbage green gameboy.
"and easy that a child can play and finish without a problem?"
You're describing modern games in general. As gaming filled with tutorials, ground arrows and hand holding nintendo, the company responsible for the term "nintendohard", has consistently managed to keep a degree of challenge in their games. Are you old enough to remember the blue coin stages in mario sunshine? Naw? Well, there's always the kiddie argument "that's for babies."

Neonridr49d ago

@MVGeneral - bet you are kicking yourself that you couldn't bring up Wolfenstein in your point.. lol

EddieNX 49d ago

Wolfenstein 2 is shaping up to be one the absolutel most "mature" and controversial games around, a lot more than Peter Pan Creed Origins...

Kun_ADR49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Lmao MVGeneral. Your obsession with the Switch is just creepy at this point. AC Origin will have better graphic, but that is the only thing that it will have compared to Mario O. Graphic does not automatically make a game great or fun to play, remember that.

What will your excuse be I wonder when Mario O win GOTY from most if not all gaming outlets.

The sad thing is, there are people that agree with your delusion. This speaks volumn of this site.

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Scatpants49d ago

Get one and then buy the other two for $35 on black friday.

2pacalypsenow51d ago

Only one im interested in is Wolfenstein

poyexu49d ago

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goken49d ago

the new wolfenstein looks really cool.

which one to choose really depends on taste if you ask me.
all 3 games are looking great, all very different games though.
this is possibly the best Mario yet!
but normally i would pick assassin's creed, more invested in the series, but this wolfenstein looks really really promising, i would probably pick wolfenstein also.

shuvam0949d ago

Me too...
Was planning on getting a Switch this holiday, but got PSVR instead...
Guess I will continue with my Vita for a while...

PhantomTommy51d ago

Picking up Wolfenstein and Mario, gonna be a weekend to remember.

Orejillz51d ago

Two very different games haha, have fun

V0MIT_M0NSTER51d ago

Hmmm, Nintendo has me feeling some kind of way right now, so maybe I'd get Mario.