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Top Gear: "Gran Turismo Sport is not called Gran Turismo 7. That might sound like stating the bleeding obvious, but it’s worth remembering. The venerable series’ arrival on PS4 was always going to be an inflection point for Gran Turismo, as it was finally forced to discard hundreds of lower-detail car models that would have looked comically awful splashed across your 43in 4K telly box."

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CernaML420d ago

"Unifying the whole lot is a handling model that, for our money, is now the best on console."

Straight from Top Gear themselves.

bluefox755420d ago

Those are my thoughts. everyone is trying to criticize the game because it's not something that it was never trying to be. I am having an absolute blast with it. The actual racing, which in my mind is the most important part, is second to none.

Gamist2dot0420d ago

I'm enjoying it as well playing the Arcade mode and trying to get all gold for driving school...until last night when the server was down.... Hopefully it'll be up when i get home from work.

nix420d ago

Game handling is amazing. After PC's homicidal AI this feels much better. What's the point of having more cars if you can't even do one peaceful race without AI trying to kill you. I'm still doing the campaign... I tried the online but I suck at it so I'll head back there later. The community is actually strong surprisingly. The races are always house full.

I've seen people settings amazing records on the campaign races. The time difference between me and top ten is 10 seconds in some of the tracks. Who are these people and where are they from? Aliens, I guess. I keep seeing the same 3 guys from some company on top 3 while I'm struggling to get a bronze.

yeahokwhatever420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Since the game focuses on you actually being a good racecar driver, 150 cars is even excessive. I mean, if you're switching cars all the time you're never going to be competitive with other drivers. I'm focusing on 1 car per segment for now. Use a wheel. It's worth it. If you can't afford a new one, use your old one with an adapter.

trooper_420d ago

Notice how the 'critics' around here only flock to the negative reviews.

SierraGuy420d ago

Yeah it's like crickets right now as the real reviews come pouring in over the coming weeks.

The 10th Rider420d ago

But the same couple be true of others, flocking only to the positive reviews.

As someone who really isn't interested in either game, as I'm not much of a racing sim player, the whole ordeal is kind of funny to watch. The racing in Gran Turismo Sport is obviously top notch, but it is light on content and the decision to go predominately online while largely ignoring offline play was clearly a misstep. Forza 7 seems to play well too, but it's brought down by the addition of microtransactions. From what I've read it seems Gran Turismo Sport has the better racing and plays better with a wheel, but Forza 7 has more content and features, looks better, and plays better with a controller. They both seem to be great games bogged down by fatal flaws. Ultimately both are a bit underwhelming in that regard. As long as they're both updated over time they could both be staples of their respective consoles.

trooper_419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

@ the 10th Rider

Kinda like how the other side only flocked to the low scores?


The 10th Rider419d ago


Yes. I'm saying both parties are guilty of the same thing. Hence why I went on to say why the whole situation is rather ridiculous.

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The_Sage420d ago

Top Gear calls GT Sport the best handling on console. That says a lot.

Enjoigamin420d ago

Top gear gear sucks...the grand tour is where it's at. Top gear can suck it they are just trying to get hits since they lost Clarkson and crew a while back we all know that....cant trust these fools. Just look at the tv took a major major poop

Liqu1d420d ago

Lol. I'm sure saying something positive about GT Sport is going to get them lots of hits. /s

They were also positive about Forza so I guess that was for hits as well right? You're opinion on the show is irrelevant to this article.

Enjoigamin420d ago

That would be my fault because I didn't read the article. Top gears still sucks. Cheers!

nix420d ago

Top gear loves Forza 7.

Top gear loves GT Sport.
TG is crap.

Enjoigamin420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Never commented about forza at all. Was just bashing top gear because of the shitty tv show...that once was good but sure you can put words in my mouth. Even if there was a article on forza you see me still saying top gear is crap and you can't trust shady ass BBC. But y'all can be salty about forza being better and no worries I'll get GTS when it's 19.99 Cheers

Destiny1080420d ago

ive seen at least one episode of top gear with joey and he's surprisingly good, hes never going to fill Clarksons boots or the rest of them, its like replacing a member of the A-Team its just not going to work and in this case they had to replace the whole team, top gear will never be the same and if you think it sucks that's fine

peppeaccardo420d ago

This sums things up ... "This is a game that will almost certainly make you a better driver."

2pacalypsenow420d ago

"43in 4K telly box"

That's pretty small.....

The_Jackel420d ago

Lmao i was thinking the same thing... unless its the size the stand can hold with a racing pod/playseat?

Liqu1d419d ago

Depends. I use a 43in for my racing rig and it doesn't feel small when you're sitting so close.

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