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Forza 7 takes aspects not just from its previous iterations and borrows ideas from other racing games. Here’s our  Forza Motorsports 7 review.

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4Sh0w393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

-From the author:
"This is the best Forza Motorsports game yet and, dare I say, the best racing game all year. From the gorgeous graphics, dynamic weather, and largest roster of cars to date; this is the ultimate in racing simulation and I can’t wait to experience this game on the upcoming Xbox One X to see it all in glorious 4K." -Gamespace

-As a longtime Forza fan who has purchased every Forza game made I agree, actually with the exception of Forza 5, I think Turn10 always raises the bar with each iteration. That said FH3 is still my favorite racer this gen, only because I prefer the open world arcade style.

timotim393d ago

Was that really necessary? Why mention GTS at all?

Dlaw76393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Project Cars 2>GTSport>F7

Prince_TFK393d ago

Why is GTS better than F7?

Dlaw76393d ago

Don't know I haven't played either just wanted to create some crazy conversations around here but Forza games always have been my favorite racers I also enjoy playing the GT games and the Need for Speed games

SierraGuy393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Another nobody review. Of course it's a 9.5! Loot boxes and unrealistic racing and 5 million cars that no one cares about. Sure because you know I need to race that transit van around the track show my friends how cool I am. Learn how to brake.

Prince_TFK393d ago

Only on N4G that having more contents in game is bad, folks.

Kiwi66393d ago

Don't be mad because F7 is getting good reviews

2cents392d ago

No one cares about... Hahahaha.

You wish.