Zelda Switch vs PC Comparison Shows Which Is the Definitive Experience

Just how much better does Zelda: Breath of the Wild look on PC (via CemU) than Nintendo Switch? This comparison is eye-opening.

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DJK1NG_Gaming421d ago

No because PC is not official. And shouldn't be treated as one.

Alexious421d ago

Says who? Emulation is not illegal.

DJK1NG_Gaming421d ago

Not official product by Nintendo.

RedDevils421d ago

Emulation is not illegal excuse again. How many people even own the games, beside the one who rip it and put on the internet?

ProjectVulcan421d ago

'Emulation is not illegal' Isn't an excuse. It doesn't need excusing. It's a statement of fact.

It is amazing and fantastic you can run this Switch game so well on a half decent PC. I have ran it on my PC and it's already better than running it on a real Switch on a TV, especially a 4K one.

There is more than can be improved in the emulation but the fact is the game is now perfectly playable and able to be completed, in another 6 months it'll probably be a near perfect experience.

Eamon421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

RedDevils, in that case, that's pirating the game itself.

If you run an original copy of the game on an emulator, there's nothing illegal going on.
It's really simple and not difficult to comprehend, I really don't get why some people take issue with this.

Eiyuuou421d ago


The issue lies with the people who don't purchase the game.

Emulation per se is good IF you own the emulated games, but we all know that that's pretty rare these days.

xHeavYx420d ago

This seems a bit desperate from the Nintendo camp

wonderfulmonkeyman420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Says common sense, because a PC version doesn't legally exist.
Reading comprehension. Get some.

Over 90% of all people who use emulators are using pirated software data that they never paid for.
You can't spin that into a positive no matter how much you dislike Nintendo; emulation may not be illegal, but when it comes to allowing pirated software to run on them, it SHOULD be.

I hope someone goes out of their way to create viruses and stuff them into the pirated data so that it literally melts the motherboards of the ones that do pirate software data for recent games.

zb1ftw777420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Emulation is illegal if you use a copyrighted bios or download a rom.

It's only legal if you use a bios created as free to use AND make your own backup copy of a game you've purchased.

Therefore, it is true to say that nearly everybody who emulates is in fact doing so illegally.

Babadook7420d ago

So about that title... Switch is the definitive. Period. Maybe in about 30 years the PC will have a stable enough emulator that can run the game with no issues. Maybe.

conanlifts420d ago

Nintendos official statement on the matter.

People making Nintendo emulators and Nintendo ROMs are helping publishers by making old games available that are no longer being sold by the copyright owner. This does not hurt anyone and allows gamers to play old favourites. What's the problem?
The problem is that it's illegal. Copyrights and trademarks of games are corporate assets. If these vintage titles are available far and wide, it undermines the value of this intellectual property and adversely affects the right owner. In addition, the assumption that the games involved are vintage or nostalgia games is incorrect. Nintendo is famous for bringing back to life its popular characters for its newer systems, for example, Mario and Donkey Kong have enjoyed their adventures on all Nintendo platforms, going from coin-op machines to our latest hardware platforms. As a copyright owner, and creator of such famous characters, only Nintendo has the right to benefit from such valuable assets.

Eamon420d ago

zb1ftw777 I agree vast majority of people that run emulation are not using their own backup bios but the user who says 90% of people who run emulation are using pirated games is nonsense. Also, many emulators these days are designed to run without a bios.

The Wii U is currently completely open for flashing and modification for homebrew with loads of backup loaders for it i.e. to play pirated games. The Wii U costs nothing compared to the specs you need to be able to run emulation. Most people who'll pirate Wii U games would rather get a Wii U to do it as it's far cheaper and easier.

BVFTW420d ago

I'm sorry monkey, but I disagree with you, I know people on PC that bought the game and play it on CEMU and I also know people with soft-modded Wii Us and have pirated the game to play it, in fact, most PC gamers that I know buy more legal software (their steam accounts are insane) than the 3DS/wii U owners in my vicinity (piracy is specially rampant on 3DS owners). You can't completly stop piracy, no matter the platform, so don't blame PC gaming as a whole, lots of responsble gamers out there too and thanks to emulation efforts, video game history can be preserved for generations to come.

TejasTV420d ago

It’s illegal to have that rom if you don’t own the actual game though. And why would you emulate a game you already own? For the better graphics? Give me a break.

TFJWM420d ago

@Eamon "zb1ftw777 I agree vast majority of people that run emulation are not using their own backup bios but the user who says 90% of people who run emulation are using pirated games is nonsense"

Your right it is prob 99%+ that don't use their own backup and just download the rom...

frostypants420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

It's a gray area at best, and that's assuming you paid for a copy. Facts. Downvote away.

Ub3rStuff420d ago

I do not own a Nintendo product. I do own a gaming PC. This article should not be here. A majority of emulation is not used by people with a legitimate copy of the game. Stop the spin. You want to play BotW? Buy a fuggin’ Switch. Support the brand and developers. End of, period.

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roadkillers421d ago

Legit question, if I buy the $60 dollar game can I legally emulate it online? to play on my computer?

Username00278421d ago

Grey area.
Let your morals guide you.

roadkillers421d ago

^ I just asked another forum and apparently it's legal to emulate it yourself, but you can't use someone else's emulation (or pirate). Kind of destroys the importance of this..

freshslicepizza420d ago

Just don't put it on Youtube regardless of which platform you play it on. That's Nintendo, they like FULL control of their products.

Nitrowolf2420d ago

Yes that is perfectly legal the only thing you aren't allowed to do is obviously distribute it

DragoonUS420d ago

If you have an legal copy you are clear! Is legal to emulate.

Cobra951420d ago

Morally, there's no question that you're entitled to play your purchased games any way you like. Legally, it depends where you are, and who has the better lawyer--seriously.

Princess_Pilfer420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Emulators aren't illegal. Pirating games is illegal. There is a difference.

So yes, at least in the US, you can legally emulate it. What you can't legallly do is download a copy of the game off the internet.

Worthy of note though, even the most sue happy of the video game companies tend to go after the sites hosting them, not the people. Why? A pirate might buy the game just to show support, or might already own it. A pirate you sue will never buy anything from you ever again. One of the situations might result in nintendo making less money than it otherwise would, one will *definitely* result in nintendo making less money than it otherwise would.

conanlifts419d ago

Depends on the country. As Nintendo Australia themselves mention, Australian laws permits the backup of software you own. But changing the format is actually illegal. So backup is fine, downloading is not, even if you own the game.

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Uken12420d ago

Honestly it doesn't really look better. The "Clarity" is actually taking away from the atmosphere effect. And takes away from the perspective and draw distance. So it's a slightly clear BotW without atmosphere. And 1080p. Just buy the game.

Diffraction_Fos420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Is it like that one time when Microsoft (or was it Sony?) were arguing that 30fps was better than 60fps in-game because "30fps looks more cinematic"? LMAO.
Or that one time Heavenly Sword fanboys were arguing that it had better graphics than Crysis because of 'several reasons' that they "refuse to name at this moment in time"? LOL

Uken12418d ago


You're an idiot. The real world has atmosphere, and Zelda replicates that very well. This Modded version may be 1080p, crispier edges and brighter colors but still doesn't have the atmosphere haze. A thing that Zelda does really well. This is a basic concept in the art world and in painting. Leonardo DaVinci was known for it. The Mona Lisa is a great example.
So yeah....

Artemidorus420d ago

Self absorbed gamers like this are the reason why talent doesn't go anywhere.

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ccgr421d ago

Looks different but good on PC

420d ago
Mr Pumblechook420d ago

Besides having a resolution bump does Cemu actually mean you can run the game WELL so it is playable?

Cobra951419d ago

Everything I've been reading indicates that the game is fully playable now, at decent frame rates with a midrange game PC (or better).

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Razzer421d ago

“make sure you also pick up a legitimate copy of Breath of the Wild so you don’t make Nintendo sad.”

seriously? Pirates don’t care.

wonderfulmonkeyman420d ago

The opinions of pirates don't MATTER either, so there's that.

EddieNX 421d ago

Get this trash off of this site.

MVGeneral420d ago

I disagree. Nintendo made a crap system that they put absolutely no technology into. Made it easy to emulate and so their suffering for taking the cheap way out. Also majority of pcs can handle this. Nintendo needs to get their act together.

Razzer420d ago

Your opinion of Switch doesn't matter. This is all about piracy and pirates are just scum thieves. Make believe whatever you want but that is just the truth.

Big_Game_Hunters420d ago

@MV general
1. This only applies to botW since switch doesn't have an emulator yet.
2. Any comp cannot run this. You need a high end gaming PC for this at settings that justify emulating it.
3.i own BOTW on both wiiu and switch but mainly play it on PC now. however, I don't advocate for emulation articles on this site because 90% of people using emulators are using it to pirate games.

Imagine seeing an article titled" PC is the definitive place to play Persona 5" Sure it's true. but it's basically advertising piracy.

NohansenBoy420d ago

Pirates who don't reward devs aren't too kind, I agree, but you have nothing to base piracy being a legitimate problem off of. I think that it's rather likely terrible devs blame poor sales on piracy, because they don't want to admit their game is garbage sometimes.

NohansenBoy420d ago

"No, he is making piracy sound like shoplifting or burglary. It is called a theft. Which is exactly what This about."

Even though emulators allow this, since both you and Eddie haven't provided any proof that piracy enabling solutions actually hurt the industry you're both just operating off of pure baseless emotions. I don't care how you two FEEL as far as emulators go, give me actual facts about piracy crippling or harming the industry in a great way or go cry wolf somewhere else.

Once again from what I said below "Cuphead and A Hat in Time, two games that released recently on PC has sold over 600k copies and 56k copies respectively on Steam and neither has DRM protections. It's almost like people will buy a game if it's good or some crazy thought like that, but I'm sure such an idea is absolute madness to you. A good game selling well." so please don't start a witch hunt just, because you feel you should.

Razzer420d ago


Dude....stop yapping about emotions. I don’t give a shit about what you feel either. Are we clear on that? Ok...good.

Piracy hurts the gaming industry. That is basic common sense. Link above demonstrates. You can turn that around whatever way you want to rationalize criminal behavior, but it is still criminal. The fact there are honest people in the world that actually paid for cuphead and other DRM-free games is NOT an excuse for the low-life idiots who steal. What kind of silly reasoning is that?

You yourself even rationalized that there is harm “if you bought the game”. You know damn well that the vast majority of people playing games on emulators did no such thing. Stop kidding yourself.

NohansenBoy419d ago

You two are the only ones being emotional here. I'm just going to end this by saying you two are still only being all talk and not giving me any proof. An opinion based article isn't proof. Please stop using scare tactics to get people to think lie you.

Razzer419d ago

You are delusional. It was an article based on a report made. It is NOT an editorial. You are talking shit.

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SegaGamer421d ago

Why, what's wrong with it ? It's just a comparison video.

bluefox755420d ago

Eddie REALLY loves Nintendo, and he gets his jimmies rustled at the the idea of people enjoying the game without buying Nintendo hardware. He must own stock or something.

EddieNX 420d ago

1. How does the fake emulated version of Uncharted 4 Compare to the real thing?

2.How does the fake emulated version of Quantum break Compare to the real thing.

3. How does the fake emulated version of BOTW Compare to the real version?

Well how they compare is that most of us bought the real version with out hard earned money, and other people downloaded a fake version.

N4G = Real Game website, not fake.

We don't want to to read about how we can emulate software.

bluefox755420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

@Eddie They're not "fake", they play exactly the same as the original games once the bugs get ironed out. Actually they play a lot better. Who wouldn't want to play Zelda at a higher resolution and 60fps instead of 30?
Also, as far as your "We don't want to to read about how we can emulate software."
You don't speak for everyone. I want to hear about it, I find it interesting.

choujij420d ago


Sorry dude, this isn't fake. It's the real thing, running on different hardware. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and have been since my NES days. You need to come to terms with a couple of things:

1) Emulation has made this game playable with better visuals on different hardware.
2) Emulation being a double edged sword can be used by both those who have and have not purchased a copy of this game. But I certainly wouldn't criticize those who have bought a copy of the game (and thus supported it) and chose to play it on PC instead.

"N4G = Real Game website, not fake. "

Tell me how you like this example:
N4G brings you the news from other websites.
Emulation brings you the games from other platforms. :D

jmc8888420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Emulated Quantum Break?

You don't even know there is a PC version?

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Deep-throat421d ago

Emulators trigger Nintendo fans!

EddieNX 420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Well I paid for my version on my Switch, which is £330 of legitimate experience. But please, let's discuss the cracked Wiiu emulated version you guys have.

It's OK though cus your PC is uber powerful. What other fake software do u have? Please let us know. Fake OS, fake firewall, Deep Web drugs and porn. I'm sure N4G is the perfect place to talk about it whilst most of us are here to talk about REAL stuff.

If there was an article about how a fake PC emulated version of GT sport or Uncharted 4 looks on a fake PC version what would you say?

I thought this website was about legitimate, native content, not pirated garbage with loads of bugs.

The integrity of this website is at stake hear. I don't see a section for pirated emulations. It's Insulting. It's like me saying 'I payed for my real clothes' and you saying 'I'm wearing fake, counterfeit clothes' gtfo

EddieNX 420d ago

This article basically says

Which version is better? The real, authentic version you payed for or the fake emulated PC version?

SegaGamer420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

"We don't want to to read about how we can emulate software"

Don't speak for everyone, it just makes you look more like a fool. I actually like emulation, love it in fact, it's given past games new life.

"The integrity of this website is at stake here"

Thanks to rabid fanboy's like you, this website lost any integrity it had years ago. You're quite possibly the worst fanboy on this site. Never have i seen anyone so ultra defensive about a company before. I bet if any reviewer gave a Mario, Pokemon, Zelda or Metroid game a 6 out of 10 you would lose your mind. Get a grip for goodness sake.

NohansenBoy420d ago

Jesus dude, you're going way off the rails with your comparisons. You're making it sound like emulating video games is like murdering someones family in front of them.

EddieNX 420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

So if articles start frequently popping up about emulated PS4 or XB1 games that's fine isn't it? No, the integrity of everything is at stake. Whilst we're at it, let's just make all sorts of articles about FAKE software.

I come to this site for REAL video game news. I don't care what fake stuff people are playing.

If you have an emulated version of GT Sport or Forza 7. Good for you, go discuss it on a dodgey message board

wonderfulmonkeyman420d ago

It's the other way around; people on this site don't take it seriously at all.
But then again, this is basically a Sony fanboy site and the emulation issues are really only being focused on with Nintendo games, so of course most of them here won't care/will defend the emulation.

But watch what they'll say the moment someone starts emulating/pirating PS4 games.
You won't be able to tell the difference between many of them and Eddie at that point, I guarantee it.

Razzer420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

“You're making it sound like emulating video games is like murdering someones family in front of them.”

No, he is making piracy sound like shoplifting or burglary. It is called a theft. Which is exactly what This about.

jmc8888420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Most PS4 and XB1 games are on PC already.

Hell most of Switch's games are too, especially the indies.

Emulated Forza 7? Again you don't realize there is already a PC version.

Piracy is illegal and immoral, but it doesn't even compare to shoplifting or burglary. In those crimes you are taking something away and depriving the owner of whatever is shoplifted or burglarized. With pirated games, you are making a copy.

Cobra951420d ago

"he is making piracy sound like shoplifting or burglary. It is called a theft. Which is exactly what This about."

Razzer, no. It's not like shoplifting or burglary. No one is breaking into someone else's home, locker or car, and taking things away from them that they'll never get back. Piracy is copying. Theft is now you have it, and the owner doesn't have it anymore. Huge frigging difference, like speeding vs wrecking into a school bus.

Razzer419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Cobra, no it is no different. Did the developer receive the money for the game? Nope. So yes, it is exactly like shoplifting or theft. Delude yourself if you want.

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NohansenBoy420d ago

You're not very well educated on this. Even your moral high ground can be questioned through one point. If you bought the game, then who cares? Emulation allows for open ended options for playing console games on PC. If you're worried about piracy then why not go on a crusade for PC and mobile then? Two of the easiest gaming markets to pirate stuff on. It would be pointless if you did since the former has been flourishing for decades, even during the idiotic and pointless "don't copy that floppy" campaign and by god the latter had gained so much traction in revenue in such a short period of time it isn't even funny.

Cuphead and A Hat in Time, two games that released recently on PC has sold over 600k copies and 56k copies respectively on Steam and neither has DRM protections. It's almost like people will buy a game if it's good or some crazy thought like that, but I'm sure such an idea is absolute madness to you. A good game selling well.

Your concerns are meaningless and you have nothing to base anything you said on. Everything you said is purely driven by emotion with no actual logic or reason to back it up. You sound like a corporate tool. I just don't like it when people like you are either disingenuous or horribly misinformed and try to rally others to your silly ideas.

generic-user-name420d ago

Eddie with the mental breakdown over here.

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