Valve’s Steam Link streaming box for PC gaming costs next-to-nothing right now

Techradar: Plus, you get a decent game too.

In a deal so good it made us think Black Friday had come early, Valve has absolutely slashed the price of its streaming box the Steam Link. Right now, you can pick up a Steam Link for a fraction of its usual price.

There is a 98% reduction in price, meaning the Steam Link is now a matter of pennies.

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trumpwonstopcrying52d ago

Wow. Steam link and a game for less than $9. however you have to buy that bundle. either way it's worth it if you want a steam link

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godashram51d ago

seems like it's no longer available... I had it in my cart, logged in and it's gone. Can no longer get to the page either.

TankCrossing51d ago

Same here, but it's ok as I don't really want the game or the hardware :)

lelo2play51d ago

Probably a mistake posting by Steam. They were practically giving it away...

jjb198151d ago

It was over at 10am Pac time today.

morganfell51d ago

Steam Link isn't worth it now. Even that cheap. Bite the bullet, pay the money and get a Nvidia Shield TV. Does everything Steam Link does and 1000 x more. My Steam Link is gathering dust and has been for some time. The controller was overhyped - have one still in the box never used. The Shield controller is the bomb. Love that thing - bought an extra.

godashram51d ago

Have a Shield TV already. was interested for another TV in my home, where buying a Shield TV would be a waste of cash and overkill.

morganfell51d ago

Depends on what you want to do and if you have the cash then you get what works. Like I said, mine and two controllers are just sitting on a shelf.

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jjb198151d ago

The game ICEY by itself is worth $9 at least.

Bobafret51d ago

The Steam app on my Samsung tv works okay, I wonder if this is any better?

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The story is too old to be commented.