The FanBoiz - Smoke The Wii

The FanBoiz are waving their Wii's across the globe with their first single from their chart topping debut album "The Other Castle". Straight out of Boston, these guys know nothing but the well as those of Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom.

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FirstknighT3646d ago

If you thought that was funny than you have a sorry life!


Dick Jones3646d ago

I want to find those idiots and kick them in the nutz for acting like little girls and wasting my time.

DJ3646d ago

I'm still laughing! haha. FirstKnight's just mad that the 360 broke. awww =P

Mikey_Gee3646d ago

.. but that guy has WAY TO MANY nintendo toys/posters.

InMyOpinion3646d ago

as funny/sad as the Sony psp christmas rap.