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GT Sport gets its online racing right but can't keep up with its contemporaries elsewhere.

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Septic420d ago

Damn- this doesn't even look like it will reach the 80's on metacritic. Well looks like Forza retains the crown as the best racer for what might be another good few years.

Hope PD have learnt their lessons

Rimeskeem420d ago

I feel like the biggest thing is the content rn. That can change through time, just like how DriveClub did it.

EazyC420d ago

Not a good practice that, at all. Developers should by now

Rimeskeem420d ago


I’m not saying it is, I’m saying that if you get the gameplay down and what you lack is content. You can add that. It takes Polyphony ages to make games and so they need to perfect what’s important and add later on so people keep playing.

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freshslicepizza420d ago

Looks like a big push to get more Playstation Plus memberships. Not sure how supportive of online gaming is in Japan but maybe they thought this could be that big title to get them onboard.

From what I have read they say the online is fantastic and the ghosting to limit people bumping others is done very well. It's just the rest of the game that feels like an afterthought. Aside from photo mode of course. I bet if this was $40 it would have gotten much better reviews.

XStation4pio_Pro420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I agree with you,but DriveClub was still a 7 even after content. Most soul-less stripped down racer I have played since PGR (which was at least more fun).

Thankfully GTS is a better game than DC by a lot. Unfortunately it’s not just content between F7 and GTS. F7 has more stuff even beyond the content and tho this sounds a little silly, F7 has more of a soul. Feels less clinical and more “energetic”. Celebratory even. I really do enjoy GTS and have been on it all week, but there’s a reason it’s behind F7 in review scores and gameplay. That said GTS will def at least be better after some expansions... and at least the first set should be free to get it closer to its competitors for the full price we paid.

darthv72420d ago

Speaking as a long time GT fan, I feel it was a mistake to release this game in place of a proper GT7 that fans have been patiently waiting for. I'm not saying they couldn't have made this game but they could have released it after a proper GT7.

They took a game with traditions and turned it into an ESports title. It's like the Street Fighter V of racing games. that's not a dig at the game. It means that while it's a good game at it's core... it just feels incomplete upon release.

RememberThe357420d ago

And look what happened to Evolution? That's not the kind of comparison I like seeing. If they would have released this at half the price then sold DLC afterwards we'd all probably be having a different conversation, but they chose to sell a game at full price that just didn't stack up to the competition. That's on them and frankly GT has been slipping since 4.

Im still having hella fun with GTS but this whole ,"we'll get you the rest of the game later and you may or may not have to pay for it," is starting to irritate me. If I really just bought into a service they better have their plans laid out clearly so we know what we're in for. For me PD has lost some more of the trust I've had in them since the PS1 days.

strifeblade420d ago

Guys Im so sorry. you waited 5 years for a gran turismo, and you get something worse than forza 5. Im so sorry, I remember when playstation fans complain we get a main forza game every 2 years- but thank god we do, so we keep the quality in check. When a game like gran turismo goes unchecked for five years, and you get something like this, where the car count includes same car up to 5 times only difference is being tuned for different race- fyi in forza every car can be tuned for different class races and thats not part of the car count. I dont have to list the negatives as you already but ill take forza with lootboxes any day over gran turismo.

Maybe the next gran turismo- but that will probably be ps5. Good luck waiting.

andrewsquall420d ago

@moldybread Can't wait for your comments that talk about how Sea of Thieves,Crackdown 3 and are clearly just a push to get more Xbox Live Gold memberships.
But we all know that will never happen because you pick and choose the garbage you like to say about a PlayStation and an Xbox game, even though you claim to be a PC gamer first.

@strifeblade Lol, worse than Forza 5??? Come on now, its not visually like GT6 and only has 11 tracks. You can't use Forza 5's reviews as a comparison because as we all know, Forza is one of those series that can never get less than a 9/10 no matter how featureless or underwhelming it is. See Forza 2, 3, 5 and 6's reviews for reference.

Dee_91420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

And what lesson is that exactly? Keep making the same game over and over every 2 years ? They wanted to do something new and they did a great job in my opinion. No, it's not the best GT to date. I personally agree withe average metacritic score however, most reviews i've read, mainly compares gtsport to it's predecessors. Which I have no problem with because that's why i would give it a mid 7. But as a stand alone game it's at least an high 8. Because everything it does good, is done reeeaally freakin good. But the draw backs, like online saves, lesser content, & less customization, keeps it from being a solid 10. I love this new direction pd has taken, gtsport really ended the monotony of the series, i'm looking forward to the future of gtsport and gt in general.

strifeblade420d ago (Edited 420d ago )


Yes any game that gets reviewed will get a rating universally deserved because its numerous sources reviewing, and you can compare it to forza 5 since in forza we consider th 5th one in the series more bare, but even that game gives you more to chew on and felt more complete than gran turismo. Forza gets 9s and beats gran turismo on every review site because it deserves it. I dont think anyone was expecting anything less.

Any of the metacritic proffessional reviews where they mention gran turismo and forza in the same sentence always state how much better forza is.

Dee_91419d ago

You love gtsport articles, yet hate the game, even though you never played it... I don't think you need ps subscription. I didn't have one during the closed beta and if I remember correctly, you could play the open beta/demo without psplus.

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CernaML420d ago

The content is literally all thats holding this game back. The gameplay is leagues ahead of Forza.

TankCrossing420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I've yet to see anyone justify or explain this narrative that GT Sport drives better, or has more advanced physics than the competition.

Nothing wrong with having personal preferences, but I'd like to know what people think actually separates the two. "I like Playstation more!!" isn't really a valid reason.

MattE420d ago

GT is a better game using a wheel IMO.. majority of dudes commenting on here will be using a controller though.. Forza has better controller support so not sure why you are all talking gameplay to be honest as you won't even experience GT Sport at its best

spreadlove420d ago

lmao! This guy is delusional.

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TankCrossing420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

@Second_2_1 It isn't really about respecting an opinion. You can tell me Driveclub is your favourite racing game if you like, I've got no issue with that.

People express as fact that GT Sport has a better simulation and/or physics engine than Forza 7 and Project Cars 2, and I'm curious what sets them apart. Objectivity is hard to come by though.

I'll check out those reviews if I get a chance. Not a big fan of video reviews though, so if you fancy summarising the differences in text that'd be lovely!

TankCrossing420d ago

Mmm I just had a quick flick over the written reviews on that site, and they don't seem to particularly favour GT Sport. The physics aren't listed as a "pro", they're a "neutral".

In fact going by their written reviews, it looks like they rate driving in Project Cars 2 better than GT Sport.

NoPeace_Walker420d ago

"The gameplay is leagues ahead of Forza."

How is it league ahead when it doesn't even have a GT career mode?

XStation4pio_Pro420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Nope. I have both titles and you’re wrong. Sorry. The gameplay in forza is fantastic. The sim in GTS is Slightly more realistic than f7 but as a game f7 is just better - beyond content. It features a similar online strategy that GTS employs but then has a full, well developed career mode and several other custom a test modes after that. It has a full car upgrade system that was removed from GT Sport for reasons I can’t fathom - especially for a game that prides itself on being a sim. GTS also as of now only has 6 real world tracks which again for a sim is really weird since real world is what you’re tryout by to achieve. Even beyond that GTS feels clinical. Almost sterile comparatively. PCars 2 feels very technical in comparison (in a good sport sort of way) and f7 shares that same technical feel but with energy and flair. I dig GTS for sure, but it’s the most lacking out of the 3.

Nodoze420d ago

The server infrastructure is holding it back. Especially considering that all activities require online access (including saving progress). I mistakenly thought I could run through arcade mode offline the other night (while the servers were [email protected]#$ the bed) and lost ALL progress as I had to close out and restart the app before it would even re-connect.

What is the point of allowing arcade mode offline if the progress can never be saved??? They need to allow for LOCAL saves that synch with cloud.

dillydadally420d ago

I can't get into Forza the way I get into GT, and it's 100% the driving model. Forza feels like an arcade game in comparison to me, and I just don't have much interest in arcade racers.

CernaML420d ago

Im sure youll all understand what Im talking about once you get your real life driver's license.

GT Sport has a far superior driving model. Nuff said. :)

3-4-5420d ago

"leagues" stop....just stop. Nobody who is sane is believing that.

CernaML420d ago

"Unifying the whole lot is a handling model that, for our money, is now the best on console."
-Top Gear GT Sport review

I know its hard to accept but its the truth. :)

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ninsigma420d ago

"Fake news". It's actually not. After playing the beta of gts and demo of f7, the feel of the driving is league's better in GTS. They just screwed up the content side of things so I don't really blame reviewers who want to mark it down because of that.

Septic420d ago

"the feel of the driving is league's better in GTS. "

If that is the case why arent reviewers saying this?

"They just screwed up the content side of things"

Not according to reviews. Content is just one of the problems they have highlighted albeit the biggest one.

ninsigma420d ago

Couldn't give a shit what they've been saying. I'm going by actual experience of the two games, not what a random person has written online.

Septic420d ago

Well having played both demos, I can't attest to your personal experiences. Each to their own though I guess 😊

nowitzki2004420d ago

Just give it to them. 1 win is something they desperately need. Just tell them Forza is better.

Yohshida420d ago

"Couldn't give a shit what they've been saying"

Yet you are here defending the game because you dont agree with the reviewer

ninsigma420d ago

Where am I defending it?? Simply said I found it better based on playing both demos.

spreadlove420d ago

Damn. To wait that long, get the game delayed another year, and have them deliver this. Ouch.

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Liqu1d420d ago

You're talking to a guy who hasn't bought either GTS or Forza 7 yet still praises Forza as being the king of racers.

yeahokwhatever420d ago

I don't really think they screwed up on content either...150 cars at launch is 145 more than I've used more than once so far.. In Forza 7 I use about 10 cars regularly. GT moved on from being a driving game to being a racing game. Forza is trying to be GT4. Another nice thing, GT will be getting free cars, hundreds of them. In Forza, you gotta pay pay pay. I've got both so I'm not upset either way, but GTS is a much better racing game, especially if you care about things like racing.

ninsigma420d ago

For me when I say lacking by sport content, I'm mostly talking about the standard offline campaign not being included (probably should have been clearer on that). I don't see the number of cars as too much of a problem, I don't drive a huge number of them I play racing games and if the quantity is reduced for better quality then I'm all for that. Its just the full campaign with races for progression is the big thing i wish they'd added. I like the driving school idea but having both would have been amazing.

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nowitzki2004420d ago

How much do they pay you? seriously.

roadkillers420d ago

From what I've read, this is what PD wanted to make for a long time. I said DP when I was typing lol, this definitely isn't my topic. I'm just saying, I would love to have this game on my console. Now I just need Microsoft to release a new Project Gotham.

TankCrossing420d ago

Sooooo.... DP is more your topic?

There are many dark corners on the internet that I think you might enjoy more than N4G.

spreadlove420d ago

It looks like to me that it is getting worse and worse on Metacritic. We started at 77, then 78, and now, 76. As more reviews go in, and average out the outliers, the score goes down.

At least it scored better than Driveclub.

NoPeace_Walker420d ago

This is the lowest scoring GT game. Hopefully, the next GT can rebound and bring the series back to where it once was.

Sam Fisher420d ago

Ouch that one hurt but all in all im glad that the reviewer gave them a lower review than expected from ign, that way some of these devs dont make half a now and the other half later under some form of paywall. I hate this practice, i pay full price on content i don't know if is going to be good after release, hence my mistake with Star Wars bf1, nothing was more bare than that game. And pocket wise it hurt me

420d ago
-Foxtrot420d ago

It’s there own fault doing a spin off instead of a full on GT7

Hopefully the reviews changes the way they do future releases

MegamanXXX420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Xbox needs at least one win. They still haven't made a game that's better than Horizon Zero Dawn or the last of us yet

hamburgerhill420d ago

Well they've had a few wins lately. The huge power advantage of X1X over PS4 pro and now this.

MegamanXXX420d ago

I care more about games. I have a PC for power and better graphics

Vizigoth04420d ago

They will see what lessons they will have to learn once the real numbers start rolling in. People vote with their wallets

hamburgerhill420d ago

Surely more people by Hyundai than Lamborghini cars....look at X1X and Forza as the Lambo! They can buy all they want but it doesn't change the fact which one is better.

CernaML420d ago

Yeah uh... I think Id rather have a Hyundai over a Lambo just for the practicality.

yeahokwhatever420d ago

Forza is a better car collecting game, GT is a better racing game.

D3TH_D33LR420d ago

Lol why do you care so much about a game you won’t ever buy?

Septic420d ago

I will buy it. Then you will hold me

frostypants420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Forza may be indeed the best overall. But GT Sport is the best online racer, as it set out to be. Depends what you're after but the only online racing game that comes close is iRacing.

Tazzy420d ago

Forza 7 sold 33,000 in a week thats horrible this game will outsell Forza in a week no doubt sales of software make a game king people have said it on here that software sales matter. The way Forza 7 is going its going to lose to GT SPORT let me guess everyone is holding out for the Xbox One X version right???

OffRoadKing419d ago

If only your trolling measured up.

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Sm00thNinja420d ago

A decent score nothing wrong with a 7.5. I understand their gripes

EazyC420d ago

Considering GT's legacy this must be a bit of a kick in the teeth for PD and Sony.

ThatGuyDart420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

They'll be fine as long as it sells.

WickedLester420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

They had to know that the game being so thin on content would affect review scores. I think IGN's review is right on the money. To me, Gameplay is a 10. Graphics are an 8.5, (lack of dynamic weather and day/night cycles knocks it down a little), sound is a 9, and content is a 5.5. The good news is this is still a hell of a fun game to play that can improve and be built upon over time. I just hope more content comes fast and not at "IV drip" speed.

Prince_TFK420d ago


Yeah let care about them when the ones who suffer are their fans.

spreadlove420d ago (Edited 420d ago )


The series has been going downhill for some time now. The last GT scraped its way to 81. The difference can be explained by the VR addition.

The good news is, when it was first revealed, it looked liked last gen game.

majedx9420d ago

PD is stuck in the 2000s that why Forza is winning

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Sm00thNinja420d ago

It's unfortunate but you can't go wrong with getting Forza 7 and GT Sport

Poek420d ago

I agree, got it for my brother so I'm looking forward to playing it more this weekend. Hopefully, they'll add content but our biggest gripe is the always online. I just let my ps+ lapse because not enough time to play all these games. But I relented and got 3 months.

That said, I think this game is fantastic. And I commend the team for taking risks and building something new from ground up.

Timesplitter14420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

You gotta compare that 7.5 to the other games out there. Game scores typically range from 5 to 10 out of 10, where 5 is "abysmal/extremely bad", 10 is "great", and anything below 5 is "I want to make a funny hyperbolic review about how bad this is". A 7.5 is only halfway between the two real extremes

When compared to its main competitors, a 7.5 is pretty much places it among the worst of the "major AAA racing games "

Sm00thNinja420d ago

Doesn't mean I can't find some fun out of it. Why should I compare it to other racing games in the genre? If all I had was a PlayStation this game more than fits my racing needs.

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Krangs_Uncle420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

The content just isn't there sadly... Have to appreciate the meticulous nature of the game though.