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When you start up Gran Turismo Sport (after a massive day one patch), you’re treated to an opening cinematic that takes you through the history of car racing. There’s no narration here—just a simple, yet elegant classical music piece over the moving montage. This opening movie serves as a perfect metaphor for the game, really. Gran Turismo used to be the pinnacle of racing games franchises, and is a key contributor in the genre’s long history.

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Angainor7421d ago

But but it has real pit stops...

darthv72421d ago

Holy hell.... even i wouldn't go that low. 7 maybe, but a 6...

If things progress like this, will there be a GTS2 or will Sony get PD to make a proper GT7?

sinjonezp421d ago

I think the biggest issue is content. It's not about the gameplay. When you compare this game to forza 7 and PC2, it lacks significantly. In project cars 2 I can customize everything. The cars I'm racing, the weather, the track, the car schemes, and it has a true championship mode, and then you play GTsport and it just doesn't have any content. Maybe over time they will add more features but for a game that's been delayed and been in development forever not to have content and such a limited number of cars compared to the competition, it's hard to give it a 9-10..while 6 is too low, 7-7.8 is about right on the strength of the gameplay and the online play.

WickedLester421d ago (Edited 421d ago )


Right on the money. If I were reviewing it here's how I'd score it...

Gameplay/Mechanics - 10/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 8/10
Content - 5/10

Total = 7.75/10

I'm confident that more content will come that will bring it to a respectable level. It's just a question on much and how fast.

darthv72421d ago

No doubt this will sell because it's the ONLY GT game for the PS4 but aside from that sony has only two options. Either stay the course and force people to adapt to this new direction for the series or do a 180 and get PD to crank out a GT7 in a much shorter amount of time. sony isn't in the habit of doing 180's though.

Personally I would like to have had GT7 first and then this game as a side project. there has been a long tradition of having the odd number game be the initial release for a new PS system and this game just throws a wrench into that tradition.

Imalwaysright421d ago

As a GT fan since the 1st one there is only one choice for me: the real GT, not this GT sport crapola.

SenorFartCushion420d ago

Well this isn't your review. If it was, it would have a 7.

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Berenwulf421d ago

Dude? Don't you have anything better to do... I don't even know who would defend the game with this stupid sentence so your parody isn't making any sense.

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TankCrossing421d ago

I'm actually surprised I have 11 disagrees. This is probably the best day of Septic's life.

PlayableGamez-421d ago

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XStation4pio_Pro421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Fanboy alert. Suck it up, bro. Sony doesn’t win everything all the time.

Edit: Oh wow damn.

TankCrossing421d ago

Oh no no no, just to be clear: I'm not a fanboy. I just felt like telling Septic to STFU.

As it turns out it is quite cathartic, and I feel pretty good about it. I recommend you all give it a try.

Nivekki421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

STFU TankCrossing.

Oh wow damn.

Oh wow.



^^ reported

babadivad421d ago

Feeling are hurt for no reason. If you like the game, buy it and enjoy it.

darthv72421d ago

I've never seen a tank get stopped in it's tracks but...

Oh wow damn

Oninioh420d ago

You have disagrees because you're acting like a spoiled child.

TankCrossing420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Ha ha that's true. Spoiled children are always walking up to Septic and telling him to STFU.

It costs me a fair amount of money to put them up to it, but it's totally worth it.

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TKCMuzzer421d ago

Did you comment like this in Forza 7 review that got a 6? Or did you ignore that?

itsmebryan421d ago

Why are you so defensive. GTS is the lowest reviewed GT game in the history of the serie. That's a fact. But, if you like it that matters.

NoPeace_Walker421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Stop being so defensive and change the narrative

trooper_421d ago

All this bragging about Forza yet they're not playing it.

trooper_421d ago

Look, guess I rustled a few feathers.

Zeref420d ago

But GT is a 75 on Metacritic though. And Forza 7 is at a 86. So who cares if one reviewer gave it a lower score. The majority gave it a high score.

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343_Guilty_Spark421d ago

My Chinese friend name is Houwow Dam.

ONESHOTV2421d ago

wow I didn't think I would see a score below 7

itsmebryan421d ago ShowReplies(6)
SierraGuy421d ago

It's fake...and wait until next week and the week after...9's.

NoPeace_Walker421d ago

I truly hope your response is sarcasm.

Kiwi66420d ago

So any review that is below 9 is fake lol, why is that, is it because it doesn't go along with what some PS fans believe the game deserves even though it's a slimmed down GT

timotim421d ago

This is a score I feel accurately represents what this game brings to the table as a whole. GTS just isn't there with the top racers of today. 4 years late to the generation and that's all they brought?

Sam Fisher421d ago

I didnt think about it like that.

After thinking about it, were they trying to make a gaas racing game? Like destiny on wheels?

This is a legit question

421d ago
RememberThe357421d ago

Yes. That's exactly what this is. People wanted a game and got a service. I'm having a ton of fun but I can understand why people are disappointed.

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chris235421d ago

if only more people showed such a view. this is the only view that forces them to give us what we want. but as long as everybody and their mother are supporting such games blindly - nothing will ever change. it will even get worse. vote with your freaking wallets already. and stop whining.

Nodoze421d ago

Fix the server infrastructure. Patch in local saves with a sync mode IMMEDIATELY. A week in, and the trampoline servers being up and down and undergoing maintenance - DAILY has contributed to a loss in progress more than I care to repeat. I know I am not the only one who has lost progress. It is infuriating.