Sony’s first-party titles want you to feel sad, and its The Last Of Us’ fault

Video games are a serious business for serious, grown-up people. That’s the message that rang out from this year’s E3 PlayStation press conference back in June. (Sorry, ‘Media Showcase’). The time of snuggling up in the easygoing embrace of happy-go-lucky fare like Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, and LittleBigPlanet is over. We’re now entering the age of sombre PS4 sadness. Best keep the hankies on standby.

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UCForce422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

It's Sony First Party Choice which I don't mind. For me, I prefer personal and grounded story.

Eonjay421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

I don't understand this article. The thing is, nothing really comes close to TLOU in style on tone except for maybe Days Gone. Everything else is different, adventure, scifi (horizon or Detroit), superhero, rachet and clank, GT Sport, Infamous, fantasy, Souls esque, and freakin Knack...
But we are supposed to believe that all of their games are the same? Thats a weak narrative. The biggest problem is that they have released so many games since the LOU and they aren't like that at all. He says gone are the days of LBP/Uncharted even though a LBP has actually been released since TLOU and 2 Uncharted games..
What I am saying is that we can't be expected to have a real conversation based on false narratives. When your so called opinion is supported by false claims it stops being something people have to respect; even out of courtesy.

RememberThe357421d ago

And let's be real. People buy these "sad" games. If anything I want more grit in their games. I'm feeling the itch for a dark new KZ. Give me that KZ2 spiritual successor GG!

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FullmetalRoyale421d ago

I love games with a heavy story. I also love goofy games like the Hyperdimension games, and games that are all about gameplay like Hotline Miami, and Mario games.

Enjoigamin421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

I'm a huge fan of this. Story driven games. I remember playing the first uncharted I had to go make some popcorn because the story sucked me in so hard I beat it in 2 days. Last of us 2 cannot come any sooner. Anyone who doesn't like a good story should be banished. Anyone heard any whisper about another heavy rain?? That's what I really want. Some hated it but I loved it.

isarai421d ago

but we just had
Knack II
Gravity rush 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
Everybody's golf
and we have the upcoming Spiderman and Dreams, those don't even include third party exclusives like Yakuza 0/Kiwami, earth defense forse 4.1/5

TankCrossing421d ago

Horizon tries for the feels. And just wait til you get near the end of Everybody's Golf.

TankCrossing421d ago

You people felt nothing over Rost? You're monsters!

UCForce421d ago

I do feel for Rost and others in HZD. But it's not like TLOU.

TankCrossing421d ago

I really thought the inclusion of Everybody's Golf would make it fairly clear that my comment was tongue in cheek. Guess I need to spoon feed round here :-/

UnHoly_One421d ago

There is a ton of depressing backstory in Horizon if you explore everything and listen to all the old audio clips and stuff.

I'm not saying it's "like TLOU" because it isn't, but underneath all the flashy robot fighting, there is plenty of sadness to go around. lol

Great game, though.

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sodefat421d ago

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BlackBeastofArgh421d ago

Shadow of the Colossus!? That game was depressing and sparking up the feels long before The Last of Us was even a thought, stupid comparison

God of War I can kind of get where he's coming with Atreus and all but thats where the similarities end

Days Gone is similar in that its post apocalyptic but its doing it own thing

This article is poorly written and the title reeks of click bait

XiNatsuDragnel421d ago

First Party is the best coming from Sony and Nintendo, while XBOX has a lackluster one.

GamingCentaur421d ago

Nintendo first party is too kiddie for my taste.

FinalFantasyFanatic421d ago

Fair enough, your not exactly wrong.

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