Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7 Graphics Comparison

Now that all biggest racing games of this year have been released it is time for final confrontation between two rival series. Which one do you like better?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

GT Sport looks better. Especially the textures and lighting

I’d say Forza 7 is a much better game though due to having a real campaign, weather system, better collision physics, and a greater sense of speed.

XStation4pio_Pro90d ago

Th y show GT Sport on the pro (which it was made for) vs F7 on the one S. The pro has a bigger gpu so it’s going to look better. Had they showed f7 running on the One X, F7 destroys it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Not only is it 4k/60 hdr, but it also has 4k textures, crazy good lighting and integration, more particle effects and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I have a pro and I was literally just playing GT Sport on it and it’s fantastic, but seeing F7 on a one X made me order the console the second I could.

bouzebbal90d ago

Each has more details than the other in some areas. like buildings, environments and weather are better in GT, interior design seems better in F7.
Cannot wait for the weekend ..

MegamanXXX90d ago

Not true because Drive Club looks better than a few PC games and Forza 7

mikeslemonade90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Racing is boring. Let's talk about the best sport, basketball.

cd190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I question the impartiality of any article or comment when the term "destroys it" is used - just me.

TejasTV90d ago

He’s seen it with his own eyes fellas.

VariantAEC90d ago

FM7 doesn't even look better than GTS when played on a PC maxed out!

Kribwalker90d ago

the buildings don’t look better in GTsport.

that’s a screen from the video. the building doesn’t even have windows on gtsport. it’s just grey boxes

darthv7290d ago

Wait... so they are comparing the PS4Pro vs an XB1S??? Talk about "skewed" comparison. They should pit base model against base model seeing as those are the ones most people have.

Then after the X releases, they can do their comparison of Pro vs X with these same games.

Tazzy90d ago

It doesn't say anywhere that the game is on Xbox One S for all you know it can be running on Xbox One X in the video. they've compared both before PRO against X with the same games.

yeahokwhatever90d ago

GTS on my Pro decimates F7 running on my PC with everything maxed out locked @60. You're wrong.

Gotcha589d ago (Edited 89d ago )

You are most certainly right when the "X" cometh Digital Foundry will give it the "SoupGate" comparison just as Middie-earth: Shadow of War.
Give it up Ponies... Gran Turismo is the Flintstone Mobile...for the Stone Age Family.

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Zeref90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

"GT Sport looks better."

if you keep saying that maybe it will come true.

Wait this is Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro...
Lmao Forza 7 on the X1S looks better than GT Sport on the PS4 PRO...

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DarkZane90d ago

GT Sport on base PS4 looks better than Forza 7 on base Xbox One.

mkis00790d ago

This isn't even close the initial cockpit view shows GTS to be visually more impressive. Unless you think aliasing happens in real life??

TheKingKratos90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

So let me get this straight
You xbox fans used to say when every time Ps4 beat xbox in graphics and res that "you can't notice a difference and who cares we play games not graphics"
Now graphics is the most important thing now and somehow you will be able to notice the minor difference between the PRO and X1X?
And BTW DF guy on GAF said his making a video about GTS PRO vs Forza PC version and hinted at that GTS will surprise many people ??

Liqu1d90d ago

Like when you kept saying No No Kuni 2 was confirmed for Xbox hoping it would come true? Lol.

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slasaru0190d ago

are u serious about textures? the first comparison shows flat texture with no grass on GTS and grassy lawn on Forza, no tire tracks on the asphalt in GTS as well. the camera is solid as in 90-s or as if you drive on the smooth ice while Forza has shaking camera. what blows out of the water though, is lighting, GTS is far away from Forza for lighting.

The_KELRaTH90d ago

Yeah I noticed the lack of tire marks when doing a doughnut.

Im starting to think Sony told PD just release as is, we cant wait any longer.
There are too many base features that are missing like skid marks, full weather, in car vibratiions etc etc

DJStotty90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

lighting? what lighting? there are no shadows from trees etc on GT Sport

Not only that you can see the reflection of the drivers hand movements in forza you cant even see the reflection in GTS

VariantAEC90d ago

Can you see your own hands in the windshield when you drive... Wait you do drive right? Oh I forgot...

Tko111190d ago

That’s the funniest 😆 ish ever man. Try harder next time

DrumBeat90d ago

I like how you can see the reflection of the wheel and driver's hands in Forza. Cool little touch.

shloobmm389d ago

Forza 7 has more grass around the track, 3d people and incredible Dynamic weather.....GT has trees that are billboards and rotate as you drive by them. F7 looks better in almost every way. The level of details in the cars is incredible and that is for all 700 cars.

DarXyde89d ago

I have to disagree, and it's seriously confusing me...

I'm pretty sure I saw a video of GT Sport running on PS4 Pro a few days ago and it looked better than Forza 7 on PC, Max settings.

Yet I'm very unimpressed with Pro's showing here against Xbox One S. What's more, this is the better quality 1080p mode. I honestly don't see what makes GT Sport look better to you in this video. The environment looks flat and there are no shadows.

This was a video posted days ago, courtesy of AspiringProGenji:

Here, I would say Sport looks noticeably better, so it begs the question: was the final release's visuals downgraded from the Beta? I'm genuinely asking as I haven't played the Beta.

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Wotbot90d ago

Forza on the Xbox one holds up so well.

mujosutasa90d ago

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bolimekurac90d ago

thats pro versus x one s and they both look great, cant wait for forza 7 on x1x

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VideoGameLab90d ago

GTS doesnt have many shadows and things going on outside the course. Also would be nice to actually compare the X with the PRO

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yeahokwhatever90d ago

F7 looks great on PC, but nowhere near GTS. GTS' lighting and car models are just so far in the future that comparing them is stupid.

jasonpugh89d ago

Lol, go to the optometrist asap.

Axecution90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

They both look amazing - especially in GTS's replay mode. Honestly almost photorealistic that thing. but im gonna be a negative whiney jerk for a sec.

both games have god damn 2D trees that rotate to constantly point at the camera and its actually so distracting and not good at all. Motorstorm 1 did it with its grass but these are full trees man. In GT7 theres some 2D trees that dont even rotate and if you turn your head at them they're just flat paper mario shenanigans. Im surprised Forza does it too.
Both games have absolutely fantastic looking cars and gameplay but the environments are kinda disappointing.

The flat grass texture is also kinda lame. It's not like these are huge open worlds, surely they could have put blades of grass in.

tl;dr I feel like these games could look so much but they look fantastic if you dont pay too much attention to the environments up close

sinspirit90d ago

I loved Motorstorm 1. Wish the series could make a comeback and just do multiple climates with intense vehicle customization.

Zeref90d ago

Replay mode has added post processing. That's why it looks better than ingame.

VariantAEC90d ago

Did you forget to look at the 3D trees along the very same trackside in the very same video? Yeah GT Sport also features 3D trees!
Here's a short list of simulation racing games that use 2D trees.
•FM7 (in the sim cat somehow)
Just to name a few!
They also feature cardboard crowds... funny how there are no videos of that in GTS yet... Hmm?

Hyperstrada90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Enjoy your trees. I'll take more tracks and better FFB on PCars2.
FM7 and GTS looked about the same to me . I guess I would go with GTS on looks , but I don't buy just on looks.

G20WLY90d ago

Oh yeah?? Well you guys don't have clown costumes like we do! 😠


StrangerX89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

LOL! Sorry to burst your bubble but GT sports has 2D trees and you can see them following you from same face when taking a curve, just look at them with the camera control and you can see them always following you with the same face and not turning 3Dmentionally. Or just when doing replay just have free camera view and see the trees follow you eerily! Nobody is safe from the facing trees! @[email protected]#_#