Xbox One X Shadow of War shows profound improvements over PS4 Pro

Is it a true 4K on console? An initial look at this early Xbox One X build of Shadow of War shows it's shaping up nicely ahead of launch. Comparisons with PS4 Pro reveal it hitting higher resolutions,- and with vastly improved texture quality. Tom goes into more detail.

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NoPeace_Walker93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Just watched the video. WOW, the differences between the X and Pro are pretty massive. Graphics, texture quality, resolution are all closed to maxed PC settings on the X. Great work from the Shadow of War team.

Ghost_of_Tsushima93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

You act surprised that 3rd party games look better on a more powerful console?

Exclusives are where it’s at though. Too bad they don’t have any talented 1st party developers like Sony or Nintendo has.

JaguarEvolved93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I can't believe a new more powerful console is displaying a bit better graphics than the older and less powerful one.

Zeref93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

If you bought your console for the Exclusives then there's no need to be salty about third party games looking better on the other console.

I am buying the Xbox One X for the exclusives(Halo,Gears and Fable(RIP) are my favorite franchises) and the power.
Can't wait to play Quantum Break, AC: Origins and Gears 4 on this thing. Not sure if I'm getting Shadow of War yet.

TheHorseTamer93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Triggered. All he did was commenting about the article.

Ghost_of_Tsushima93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

“If you bought your console for the Exclusives then there's no need to be salty about third party games looking better on the other console.”

I buy a console for both. That’s why I own a PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch. Best of both worlds.

No reason to pay $500 for a console just for slightly better looking 3rd party games.

XMarkstheSpot93d ago

"Exclusives are where it’s at though"

Not according to what's usually getting played on both platforms which are 3rd party games. Not to say exclusives don't have some merit, but the majority of the games catalog on both consoles are multiplatform 3rd party games and there are a ton of good 3rd party games coming out into the next 3 years. Plus ill still have my Xbox console exclusives and even if they're on PC, wont make me not enjoy those games any less, unless you live a petty life

spreadlove93d ago

Forza 7 is 87% on Metacrcitic, while Gran Turismo Sports is 77%. The former was developed in 2-years, the latter took an extra year to deliver "that"!

So, Turn10 is the Naughty Dog of the racing world and displaced the former king, Polyphony Digital.

Ghost_of_Tsushima93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


“Forza 7 is 87% on Metacrcitic, while Gran Turismo Sports is 77%.”


Uncharted 4 - 93 Metacritic.
Bloodborne - 92 Metacritic
Person 5 - 93 Metacritic
Horizon: Zero Dawn - 89 Metacritic

darthv7293d ago

I buy a console for both. That’s why I own a PS4 and XBO. Best of both worlds.

NoPeace_Walker93d ago

"You act surprised that 3rd party games look better on a more powerful console? "

I am sure you and many here acted surprised too when digital foundry did all those OG PS4 vs OG XB1 comparisons. Why are you just now saying this when the table turns?

freshslicepizza93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Most games bought on both the Xbox One and PS4 are multiplat titles. Sure there are some stellar exclusives that drive the needle up in sales line Horizon but those are far and few compared to the amount of big multiplat games get sold. Destiny, Call of Duty, Assassin Creed, GTA and so on.

So it seems to me multiplat games are actually more important overall to both systems. The fact is Microsoft delivered on the most powerful console. Don't care about performance then why be here? This is not to say Microsoft should coast and not come out with more titles but let's give credit where it's due.

bluefox75593d ago

That's a fair point. I have yet to see any game on the Xbox One X that looks as good as HZD or UC4. Talented developers will trump hardware power every time.

ULTp0ltergeist93d ago

Ah, I remember the days when there wasn't many exclusives and only a powerful console that could barely achieve 1080p/30. Now it's exclusives. Fanboys.

B1uBurneR93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

There are more 3rd party games released every month than 1st Party exclusives on any console. You have a valid point about lack of exclusives but there is no lack of 3rd party games every month, Plenty of AAA games to play. COD, Battlefront 2, Wolf 2. AC: Origin boy hush that noise 6>4 all day!!! after Nov. 7

343_Guilty_Spark93d ago

You told us their wouldn’t be any noticeable differences. You lied to us.

Septic93d ago

Lol.he shares his enthusiasm and you get triggered so hard 😂 It's been a tough week for you eh?


Explain why multiplats dominate the sales charts if exclusives are the only thing that matters.

4Sh0w93d ago

"No reason to pay $500 for a console just for slightly better looking 3rd party games."

"No reason for a Sony loyalist to pay $500 for a console that will enhance most of your existing library, do more native 4K gaming and will of course have increased visuals and performance for 3rd party games."

-Yes, that alone is reason for millions to buy an X, I mean call it slightly if that makes you sleep better but this is from the professional analysis:

"However, even after upgrading to the latest patch 1.04, the Pro still exhibits many low quality textures that stick out like a sore thumb - especially noticeable on ultra HD displays."

"Implementation of the PC version's 4K texture pack would have done wonders here, but clearly the limited 512MB of extra RAM available to Pro developers isn't enough to house the top-tier assets. And that's the most immediately obvious difference between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of the game - what sticks out right away is that texture problems on PS4 Pro are eradicated."

XStation4pio_Pro93d ago

first party games will look even better on the One X. and yes, there are some in development.

Lighter993d ago


2 games? That's it? You're going to have a lot of spare time between those 2 games.

darx93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Exclusive are definitely not where it's at. I don't know where you have been the past 5 years.

gangsta_red93d ago

Damn, I felt like offering a donation to this comment for how bad the hurtness was.

thekhurg93d ago

It's still 30fps. Still not worth playing on consoles for that kind of performance.

threefootwang93d ago

So salty that even McDonalds has less sodium in there fries.

hamburgerhill93d ago


Those are great looking games but you're still missing the point and that's giving credit where it's due. Why all the pride seriously? Is it really that hard to say Xbox one X is one heck of a console? To wish good fortune onto others? Everyone knows Xbox will probably never be as respected as PlayStation so what is it you are trying to defend? There's plenty of room in gaming for competitors! Sony doesn't just get to own it all or control the market! Get this in your are for all of us and not just you or me!

GamingSinceForever93d ago

Grow up. You sound bitter as Hell.

Kingthrash36093d ago

Is it native 4k levels of better as promised? No? ....oh guess that part doesn't mtater anymore. Just as long as it looks better running at below 30fps....smh.
Good for xbox x it's more expensive and's to be expected and I don't don't think ANYONE expected fact a year ago, they expected more.
And no I ain't salty or damage controlling...just stating the fact here.
I've passed in this game and others like it that are in the cold war of microtransations.

KwietStorm93d ago

Don't hurt your neck with that spin cycle. Literally made no sense for you to even make that comment.

Gotcha593d ago

I'm surprised that Sony spent all that money on 3rd party marketing deals... just to get out shined by graphics and performance from "the X" and were too cheap to do any real detail on those two hoilday bundles by slapping contact paper on them and selling one under $50 (when they knew they could had thrown in the download for free...that's what deals are for).
Then you had to go with the exclusive route... well I have to say come Nov. 7 I will be playing games in "Exclusive Real 4K" while you're year old bastard has that exclusive low-tier dynamic fake-k (enjoy).
also don't add Nintendo into your little skirmish, it's an article about the X1X vs Pro...capiche

sd1193d ago

Halo 5 has the best online multiplayer in the series and Gears 4 was a great addition. Plus lets see how sea of thieves turns out.

jojo31993d ago

Artical has ZERO to do with exclusives, which is quickly becoming the card to play on ANY positive Xbox story.

Unspoken93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


"You act surprised that 3rd party games look better on a more powerful console?"

Never buy a console when brand new, even with GREAT looking games, until X amount of exclusives are out?

Or just cry rivers when you won't be enjoying the best because of limitations you set on yourself.

6TF, 50% more ram, improved CPU, DX12 will far surpass the competition and be the closest graphical display to PC. These in game options are absolutely epic for gamers!

Go cry somewhere else.

4Sh0w93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


-Either ignore these types of news threads or just give credit where credit is due because these types of comments actually just emphasize how bitter you are:

"Is it native 4k levels of better as promised? No?"

-pffft, wth does that even mean?

"....oh guess that part doesn't mtater anymore. Just as long as it looks better running at below 30fps....smh."

-Oh wait, let me get this straight, you are shocked that on n4g, X running BETTER at 30fps vs Pro running worse at 30fps MATTERS???

"Good for xbox x it's more expensive and's to be expected and I don't don't think ANYONE expected fact a year ago, they expected more."

-Were you not paying attention, it is more than the pro.

"And no I ain't salty or damage controlling...just stating the fact here."

-lmfao, even bluefox755 read that and thought "come on bro, really?".

"I've passed in this game and others like it that are in the cold war of microtransations."

-Well of course you have, the devs put in proper work to realize the potential of the X and of course it's not a 1st party Sony game with microtranactions.

Ju93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Let's chime in here. For it isn't worth it. That it's better that is expected. I stay with the eco system I have (no double license, etc). And Pro is good enough. Of course you get what you pay for. Again, as expected. The circle jerk about better textures and all gets a little out of hand. I wanted better performance than 1080p, and the Pro - and the X - deliver. So what gives. For extremists, sure, go with the X. You guys have waited long enough. BTW: I think EG's excitement on the X is a bit extreme, but maybe that's just me.

aawells0793d ago

Lmao classic goal post moving. Why? Cause the article is about Shadow of War.

fr0sty92d ago

$500 and still can't hold native 4K or 30fps... I'll wait until next gen to consider buying anything else.

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spreadlove93d ago

This quote alone is hilarious:

"Through sheer capacity via Xbox One X's 12GB of GDDR5 memory, Shadow of War offers a dramatic improvement in quality: for example, ground textures get a clear resolution bump from the soup-like results on Pro, offering a sharper, clearer presentation."

They call the PS4 Pro soup-like results! lmao! XD

Kribwalker93d ago

wow lmao, that’s an amazing quote

KionicWarlord22293d ago

Jesus Digital Foundry laying dat work.

kevnb93d ago

Digital foundry earning that Microsoft pay cheque :)

ImGumbyDammit93d ago

@kevnb Eurogamer no longer smitten with PS4, I guess all those checks Sony has written have been bouncing as of late.

kevnb93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Sony isn’t the company known for paying bloggers, websites and even astroturfers without telling the public. Heck digital foundry was even posting hyperbolic videos about the Xbox one beating the ps4 by a few FPS in a few games, not to mention the super hyperbolic video trashing the ps4 performance in a few games because there were dips to 28 FPS. This is what Microsoft does,

Trekster_Gamer93d ago

The new promotional quote for PlayStation Pro if you want soupy visuals get the pro if you want Fidelity get Xbox One X lol

darx93d ago

Keep telling yourself that kevb.

4Sh0w93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


-Do you know how transparent you sound? I mean at least be original, instead of using the same old tired "M$ paid them" line every time a site says something positive about Xbox.
Jeesh, that line has to even bore YOU at this point, especially when it's not even an opinion news piece, it's an analysis from a very respected site. lol, play a new record bro, preferably one you didn't buy at the SDF swap meet.

TankCrossing93d ago

@Kevnb Sony are most definitely known for that. They got caught with their pants down when they set up fake blogs and videos praising the Vita in "street talk".

crazyCoconuts93d ago

The differences are not big enough to warrant their commentary, even when you use their image magnifier. At least in my opinion...

Unspoken93d ago

PS4 is good for soup, PS3 was great as the George Foreman grill.

RememberThe35793d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I swear all we'd need to do is switch "PlayStation" with "Xbox" and all you guys would sound the same. These comments are turning into an echo chamber.

Everyone around here is so damn triggered I'm about to get triggered by their triggers!

Rude-ro93d ago

The humor is, it took Microsoft 3 consoles to get to this gens gaming and you all act as if the Xbox one games with an x patch are a miracle.
Ignorance is bliss

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Zero_Suit_Samus93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


“I buy a console for both. That’s why I own a PS4 and XBO. Best of both worlds.“

I disagree. PS4 Pro and Switch are better options. You can still play all 3rd party games while having the best exclusives in the industry.

Zeref93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Halo, Gears and Forza are also huge in the gaming industry.

The best option is to buy the ones that has the things YOU like.

I have a Gaming PC and Xbox(soon Xbox One X), Play Anywhere is great for me since i can play my Xbox games on my laptop or at my desk if i want to. And i like the Xbox exclusives.
I am getting a Switch soon too because I absolutely have to play Zelda and the next pokemon game.

PS4 exclusives never appealed to me, they all have that same cinematic style that the Last of Us started, even God of War has it now.

Kribwalker93d ago

you won’t get the best exclusive racing or FPS games if you went that route. cutting two full genres out

darthv7293d ago

When the time comes, I will add a switch to my list. I dont like not having choices in what I want or where I want to play. Some may prefer to limit their scope to one or two platforms but to truly get the full plethora of what console gaming has to offer then you have to get them all.

Some may go the gaming PC route and that's great for them, I prefer consoles. Always have, always will. By my supporting gaming as a whole I know I will be able to play any Sony, MS or Nintendo title at my leisure.

zb1ftw77793d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Why did you get a ps4pro then?

The best exclusives are on the Switch. The best graphics on the xb1x.

Ps4pro has good graphics and good exclusives, but it is the best of neither.

Ceaser985736193d ago (Edited 93d ago )


"PS4 exclusives never appealed to me, they all have that same cinematic style that the Last of Us started, even God of War has it now"

LMAO!! I mean your comment is a joke... you say you have a Gaming pc and yet you plan to buy the X and have a OG Xbox one such wastage much wow!.. and Xbox needs to work hard to make a game close to THE LAST OF US.. Come 2018 with God of War releasing you can hang around with your Xbox one X while i will be playing amazing games on my Pro...

Keep the dislikes coming....

92d ago
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Woolly_93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

It's actually a significant difference. . but I'm not surprised. I expect the X to do significantly better than the Pro.

Plus you have the option to turn on/off dynamic resolution if you wish. It can also run the game at Native 4K. . but at the expense of texture quality and LOD.

The devs did a great Job. .

There's no need to brag or gloat. . I can see some are listing games from other platforms in an article that has nothing to do with that. . contain your insecurities people.

Trekster_Gamer93d ago

I believe this will be the standard until the next generation of consoles actually arrive.
Xbox One X for all intentional purposes is next Generation compared to PS4 Pro and Xbox One the difference in-game quality. When the developers take advantage of what the Xbox One X has to offer will be Far and Away Superior to anything on Playstation currently.

SurgicalMenace93d ago

3rd parties seldom develop any games that can match the graphical splendor of exclusive games, even on Nintendo consoles. You guys are killing me hyping up a system that is being treated the same as Sony treated the Vita, but there is no cause for alarm because it's MS. "We'll just let the 3rd parties, that are making exclusives for our competitor, make the games while we collect their money before departure. It really makes no sense that double standards that the industry practices. At least the Vita games are plentiful and exclusive, so that sales can be driven to it. I want to like my XB1, much like I liked the original system, but MS is not giving me an opportunity to. It would be great if you hardcore Xbox fans would demand that they made something new before buying yet another version of their system. What happened to the S unit?

DrumBeat93d ago

Yep. When you get not only resolution differences, but texture differences as well, it makes you want to buy the Xbox One X version instead of the Pro version. I remember the arguments saying the Xbox One X wouldn't fare much better, but this is proof that it's substantially better than PS4 Pro.

SurgicalMenace93d ago

Well I'll be expecting the sells numbers to support its superiority. This is just PS2 vs Xbox again. SMH All the same arguments then too.

MegamanXXX93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

It's a little to late for Microsoft. Maybe next generation. Hopefully they'll have more first party exclusives at launch

threefootwang93d ago

How is it too late? This generation has barely even taken off.

MegamanXXX93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

And Microsoft still haven't develop any new first party studios this generation. They lost me when they decided to put more focus on third party support than first party support.