Everybody's Golf Sells an Estimated 161,000 Units First Week at Retail

The golf game from Sony Interactive Entertainment - Everybody's Golf - sold 161,420 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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Neonridr420d ago

The Japanese account for the largest portion of the sales. Interesting that it hasn't sold very well considering how good it has been reviewed.

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UCForce419d ago

You and @dathv72 are not helping. "Sigh"

Lime123419d ago

Yep. I even remember than Everybody's Golf first week in Japan was better than Monster Hunter on Switch. No wonder Monster Hunter World is not coming on Nintendo.

fenome418d ago

It's a really solid game, I bought it just thinking I'd just chill out on it after work but I've been hooked playing it every day. The courses and weather start getting challenging too.

I'm only like rank 6 right now (single player, haven't tried online yet), but there's a lot more to this game than I thought there would be. It's cool that all your clubs level up individually as you use them too. I've gotta admit, it feels pretty damn good when you sink a nice shot and it hits that replay. Lol

I honestly think this is going to be a sleeper hit as more people actually start giving it a chance

Lime123417d ago

When you beat final boss in rank 6, you will get custom clubs which you can upgrade anyway you want. I upgraded mine and now i'm going for condor.

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andrewsquall419d ago

Awesome wee game and a great example of online enhancing a single player game, done right. You can play the career while playing online if you wish and watch people all over the 18 holes playing their own game while you play yours. ^_^

fenome418d ago

I haven't tried the online yet (I wanted to get better first), I didn't know you can play the career while playing online. I'm gonna have to check it out, thanks.

SkippyPaccino419d ago

I was one of those... Love this game