Splatoon 2 Tops 2 Million Units Sold Worldwide at Retail

The team-based third-person shooter game from Nintendo - Splatoon 2 - has reached a new sales milestone, according to VGChartz estimates. The game has surpassed two million units sold worldwide at retail.

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425d ago
DJK1NG_Gaming425d ago

There no way this game sold less than 1 million outside Japan.
Where it sold 1.3 million in Japan.
Let's just wait til Nintendo Earning Report for the accurate number.

EddieNX 425d ago

I'm inclined to say this ^

TekoIie424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

I wouldn't call false just yet. However, I do agree that only 700k outside Japan seems very low when the original sold equally well across all territories.

Just doesn't spund likely for there to be that much of a drop off.

Moonman425d ago

Probably more than that but this is still great. Over 3 million after the holiday season easy.

Nodoze424d ago

Congratulations Nintendo.

All accomplished without nickel and diming those that purchased the product. All new maps and weapons are FREE. No loot boxes either.

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