Fire Emblem Warriors DLC characters revealed - Azura, Tharja, more

NE: "We’re still about a day out from Fire Emblem Warriors’ launch in North America and Europe, but the game is already live on the Australian eShop. Players can purchase and download the title and put their money down for the season pass. eShop listings for the DLC reveal previously-unknown information about what’s to come for Fire Emblem Warriors."

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DivineAssault 302d ago

Some stuff shouldve been included in the CE.. Im really sick of expensive dlc that used to be in games from the get go.. As much as i want more content im not buying any dlc

Nu302d ago

I think I'll wait for Fire 🔥 emblem switch instead of of this version.

ErogeMaster302d ago

No old characters like roy or hector.

ErogeMaster302d ago

If they pull a shadow of Valencia then no money for u.

DJK1NG_Gaming301d ago

I gotta have Tharja and Oboro.

Servbot41301d ago

On-cart DLC. Didn't take long for Nintendo to go overboard.