Star Wars Battlefront II Preview – This is the Campaign You’re Looking For (Crave)

Crave: "Story tensions are interwoven with the objectives, and the narrative was always on my mind. Battlefront II has a lot of pressure on its shoulders to deliver a story that works and fits the movie canon. That is what Star Wars fans will be scrutinizing most, I feel, and many will be playing this game purely for the must-know plot. Happily, it’s looking fantastic thus far, and I’m eager to continue the story on November 17!"

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DirtyPete395d ago

I hope i end up liking the campaign on this. It seems good and Im big on Star Wars so Ill give it a shot. As long as micro-transactions arent clouding the multiplayer play im sure ill like that too.

394d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris394d ago

I had the media keep telling me Battlefield ‘s campaign was amazing. What I got was cheaply designed missions,horrid AI, and ludacris set pieces.

RDF394d ago

Two words: Loot Crates....this game is a pass

Summons75394d ago

The story doesn't have loot creates, play that and not the multiplayer. They didn't stoop to WB levels...this time.

SickSinceSix394d ago

Reportedly 5-7 hours long, I wonder how fast you can speed run it.

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