Hands on: Star Wars Battlefront 2's story campaign is exactly what fans have been asking for

IBTimes UK goes hands-on with a story that'll cast players as operatives of a crumbling Empire.

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Zeke68339d ago

Is it lootboxes in singleplayer too ? Thats everything we need to know tbh.

Xenophon_York339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

A five hour campaign? Is this confirmed? If so, boy, EA is on a roll.....down a ravine....laced with jagged rocks....exploding in a fireball 🔥 that would make a Ford Pinto look like a huge success.

bigmalky339d ago

Sorry, but I won't pay £45 for a 5 hour campaign just for it to sit there because I refuse to pay extra money to be able to compete against gamers with huge disposable incomes.

To quote developers from this week 'I have mouths to feed and retirement to save for'.

339d ago