Someone has recreated Spyro: The Dragon's Artisans Revisited in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks lovely

DSOGaming writes: "Spyro: The Dragon fans, get ready for some good and some bad news. Valefor has been working on a Spyro Unreal Engine 4 project these past five months, and released some screenshots from it. This fan project recreates Spyro’s Artisans Revisited environment in Epic’s engine."

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Relientk77420d ago

Waiting for Sony to announce the Spyro Trilogy HD Collection on PS4. Hopefully it gets announced at PlayStation Experience this year.

Travis3708419d ago

Hoping Sony does a full remake of Spyro 1-3 just like they did with Crash.

andrewsquall419d ago

It wasn't Sony that actually did the remake but they certainly pushed Activision to do it.
Hopefully they will push them to make the Spyro G. Nasty Trilogy.