The Evil Within 2 Review - GamerKnights

GamerKnights has done a very in depth review of the new "The Evil Within 2". Better or worse?


"Evil-er Dead: The original Evil Within was a lovely – horrible, but lovely – little surprise; a brilliant throwback to a genre I sorely missed. It felt like the safe, predictable direction I’d always imagined survival horror moving towards before it bucked decades of tradition and became something different altogether with games like Amnesia and then, later, Five Nights at Freddy’s. It became Twitch-bait, churning out perfect little games to stream for easy scares and funny reactions. Evil Within was a sort of revival for classic horror gameplay, and The Evil Within 2 builds on those great foundations through smart evolution, a strong sense of dread and – best of all – a core gameplay loop that focuses on addictive fun."

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