September 2017 NPD: Switch #1, Nintendo systems claim two-thirds of gaming hardware sales

NPD will be issuing data from the September 2017 report later today. However, Nintendo has already come out with some information to highlight its strong performance.

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freshslicepizza397d ago

Looks like they are back and would have probably done this well previous months too if they had enough stock.

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freshslicepizza397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

They will have 2 GOTY contenders for this year too.

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freshslicepizza397d ago

"I'm glad to see Nintendo isn't scared to talk about NPD numbers."

They all are when it's convenient for them.

UCForce397d ago

What about MS ? Are they going to reveal their hardware sales ? Even I remember Nintendo have their gut to show Wii U sales.

SurgicalMenace397d ago

They've been in stock, I've been traveling and make a point to look. Out of about 10 stores I've been to only one didn't have any, while the others had plenty. This Jas been over the past 4 weeks. I really don't understand the sold out thing.

spreadlove397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

MS and Sony duking it out, only to be blindsided by Nintendo!

The kicker, with a two decade old console and tiny fixed game library. lmao.

Eonjay397d ago

They did do well. The only system failing is the Xbox right now.

KOIMOJO397d ago

Not sure why you are downvoted but that's completely true. I still haven't been able to find mine at retail or online yet. Hope I can before xeno chronicles 2!

dantesparda397d ago

I agree with SurgicalMenace, every time I've looked in Bestbuy or Gamestop they've been in stock and I check every 4-5 days.

4Sh0w397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Well I have no interest in the Switch but still a well deserved congratz to Nintendo. I just like to see the industry healthy with the big 3 doing well.

darthv72397d ago

I already have ps4 and xbo but I dont have a switch yet. I hope to contribute to their sales soon enough. Good job N... keep it up.

Skillz1215397d ago

please do not comment on anything nintendo or playstation we all know where u stand

indysurfn396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

How dare you tell the truth! Where is the damage control squad. Oh there they are already on the job.

Two game of the year contenders? The highest meta critic rated game ever and Mario Odyssey. To bad they came out in the same year. That is CRAZY!

indysurfn395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

I'm going to play bad guy here. Yeah Nintendo may have had a little more consoles sell. QOUTE:"But what will people play on it?"

And hopefully someone will answer:
Oh wait they have a AAA release every month since launch! Who else has done that? In fact who else has EVER done that for 6 straight months (soon to be 7 with Mario Odyssey coming up).

Now that Nintendo SWITCH is starting to be in stock get used to this!

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UCForce397d ago

I agree with you. Nintendo is doing just fine.

russo121397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

That's the real proof there's no need for cross-play to sell. Good job Nintendo.

cleft5397d ago

I am really happy to see this because I brought my Switch day 1, so hopefully this translates into more 3rd party support.

Istolla397d ago

I'm right there with you. I also got the Wii on day one.

I wish people would realize that third party support doesn't mean port the games coming to other systems to the Switch.

The Wii had great third party support with unique titles that played to it's strengths.

Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes, Mad World, House of the Dead, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Boom Blocks, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Red Steel 2.

The 10th Rider397d ago

Yeah, Wii had a rather fantastic third party lineup: In addition to Istolla's list there was Monster Hunter, Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, De Blob, Murumasa, World of Goo, Little King's Story, Bully, Harvest Moon, PES, Call of Duty, Trauma Team, Final Fantasy, and more.

Many of those games are still only playable on Wii.

fr0sty397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Istolla, while that is true, Wii still missed out on many of the generation's best games as a result. That is why once the casual audience abandoned it, sales started to drop off quickly. Not to say it didn't have great games, but it was missing the ones most average joe gamers wanted to play.

Switch is a little closer in power to the current gen consoles than wii was to its competition, though, so that bodes well for third party support, if it materializes.

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michellelynn0976397d ago

I an so happy. It is great to see Nintendo doing well again. I am a bit worried about Microsoft. They seem to be doing worse month after month.

UCForce397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

@spreadlove Not even close, only MS ducking out. Sony and Nintendo are doing just fine. I find your profile name isn't convincing.

yellowgerbil397d ago

Yeah, they are finally working out the supply issues, yet the sales continue to skyrocket finally putting those tinfoil hat wearers in their place.
My local Walmart has gotten 1 to 3 each week for the past 2 months and they never sit on the shelf more than 2 days. Meanwhile there is an Alienware steam machine that has sat there 2 years without selling...

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Neonridr397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

keep it rolling Nintendo. No sign of slowdown with Mario coming in a week. Sales are going to continue to do well into the holidays. And Lime123, where you at buddy.. going to spout some UK stats at me now since NA and Japan have started to swing?

EddieNX 397d ago

It's doing OK in the UK and even great I other EU countries like France. There's consistently been Switch games in the UK charts since its launch. The PS4 is dominating UK but the Switch is doing acceptable numbers

Neonridr397d ago

oh absolutely. That was just a jab at that Lime guy who always trolls the Media Crate sales charts articles claiming that Japan is the only place the Switch is doing well.

Eonjay397d ago

The funny thing no one wants to admit is that after all this time of hyping the Xbox One X, it is going to get smashed by the Switch which is technically weaker than the regular Xbox. PS4 will either be the number one or number two selling console this year. I'm getting a Switch myself. A Pro if its on sale.

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Lime123397d ago

PS1+PS2+PS3+PS4 = 400 million sold
NES+SNES+N64+NGC+Wii+WiiU+Swi tch = 280 million sold


Prince_TFK397d ago

Lol Lime buddy, you are just too much. Having you here on N4G provide me with so much comedy.

kevnb397d ago

why not add in the handhelds :)

Moonman397d ago (Edited 397d ago )


We know why he forgot Game Boy + Game Boy Color + Game Boy Advance + DS (lmao) + 3DS = (Doonky faced fanboy).... lmao

Neonridr397d ago

you got me there Lime.. thanks for bringing up the past.

michellelynn0976397d ago

Let's see how the Switch plays out.

Big_Game_Hunters397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

top 15 gaming franchises
Nintendo= 3 ips
Sony= 0 ips.

Istolla397d ago

Lol, welcome buddy. I spoke too soon. Keep on keeping on. ROFL.

r2oB397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Clearly Lime in a troll, but assuming his figures are correct, adding in handhelds would give Nintendo a boost of about 272 million (between all gameboy and DS iterations), and Sony a boost of about 95 million (between PSP and Vita). Which would put Nintendo at a total of 552 million and Sony at 495 million. Also, Nintendo has been selling consoles almost 10 years longer than Sony (with almost double the amount of consoles released), and handhelds for 15 years before Sony, so there is that to consider.

On topic:
Switch is doing very well, if I was able to game on the go more I would definitely get one. although I will probably end up getting one.

Cmoney007397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Does it matter though? If people can afford it, then they should own a PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Sirk7x397d ago

Add in handheld hardware.

Moonman396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Game Boy and Game Boy Color (118.5 million)
Game Boy Advance 81.51 million
DS 154.02 million
3DS 64.9 million

Grand Total: 418.93 million

NES 61.91 million
SNES 49 million
N64 32.93 million
Gamecube 21.74 million
Wii 101 million
Wii U 13.56 million
Switch (around 7 million but we won't add that just yet)* We know it will be

Total: 280.14 million

Nintendo whopping total of hardware sold: 699.07 million BOW DOWN lmao

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Lime123397d ago

PS4 probably still leads YTD in US and UK.

Neonridr397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

great, the PS4 was also on sale a few extra months this year too (remember the Switch only launched in March). Not to mention a very hampered supply to start off with.

The 10th Rider397d ago

Well, it helps when the PS4 has had 50% more time on sale this year than the switch has. That's okay though because even with the headstart the PS4 won't beat the switch overall this year worldwide.

Lime123397d ago

Switch had launch month where it sold cca 1 million in US only

Neonridr397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

yep.. it sold out of its supply. Can't sell what you don't have. Clearly we see that every day in Japan where sales could be even higher. I don't pretend like the PS4 isn't insanely popular, remember, I own one and use it all the time. But the shade you throw at Nintendo is ridiculous.

I mean I could do what you do in every article and be like, let's compare 3DS to Vita sales or something. You would lose every time. So you bringing up ALL the previous hardware (which has nothing to do with any of these charts) is just plain silly and desperate, like you badly need something to prove that Sony is better than Nintendo.

indysurfn396d ago

How many do you expect for one country?

Istolla397d ago

Ha ha Lime123 and EDMIX are probably in a dark place curled up in the fetal position. The last 3 months haven't been good for them.

I almost feel bad that they're losing their troll material.

indysurfn396d ago

Maybe they are in the 69 position!

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The 10th Rider397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

It'll be nice to hear some actual numbers in a little under two weeks when they have their quarterly meeting.

When the 3DS launched it went from 6.7 million to 15 million between September and the end of the year. Even with limited stock the Switch has been outpacing the 3DS (as of June). I'd also say the Switch is faring a lot better than the 3DS was in terms of public perception. It will likely be on a lot of retailers "hot item" or "must have" lists come this holiday season. It already made the front page of Popular Mechanics as one of their top technological innovations of the year in the entertainment category. Nintendo has also been going all out with advertising.

I'd say if they can get stock under control 20 million by the end of the year is doable. Even if they don't hit that, 20 million by March 3rd, the first year on the market, is well within reach.

Moonman397d ago

They want to hit production of 2 million per month. That will do it in regards to shipping 20 million by the end of March. The demand is there, all they have to do is make enough. I'm excited to see how developers respond if they hit anywhere near 20 million. Can't ignore a massive, hungry for more games, Switch install base.

spreadlove397d ago

I wonder if the demand is there. I see a lot of Switches around me now, but would be delighted it it was a massive success.

The 10th Rider397d ago


Right now they're ramping up production for Odyssey's launch and the holidays. Once it gets closer to Black Friday it's going to be harder to find again.

MVGeneral397d ago

The article says: "when combined with the 3DS family of systems and the Super NES Classic Edition system, Nintendo systems claimed two-thirds of the month’s total video game hardware sales."

Prince_TFK397d ago

And? Those are still Nintendo's hardwares, aren't they?

mikel1015397d ago

Wow, beat PS4 during Destiny 2 month, guess it wasn't such a big seller as people expected

neocores8055397d ago

? most people who bought Destiny 2 already OWN a ps4..

neocores8055397d ago

also stop acting liek its so great.. Every console did amazing when it FIRST COMES out.. But i will down as more people get one.

397d ago
Why o why397d ago

He seems a tab bitter about something. . .. logic disappears when bitterness and grudges rear their heads

Well done Nintendo. . Bring the games and 'more' people will come.

MVGeneral397d ago

The article says: "when combined with the 3DS family of systems and the Super NES Classic Edition system, Nintendo systems claimed two-thirds of the month’s total video game hardware sales."

Theknightofnights397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Yes, but the Switch as a whole outsold the PS4 as a whole in the US as well. The Switch outsold the PS4 and Xbox One, and combined with the 3DS and Super NES Nintendo hardware took up 2/3rds of all video game hardware sales in the US.