Why I Hate The Silent Protagonist In JRPGs

A bone to pick with a certain subset of empty, wooden dullards.

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FallenAngel1984419d ago

Why not just silent protagonists in any genre in general?

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CyberSentinel417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

I agree, it irritates me for some reason, that my character doesn’t have a voice in destiny 1 & 2.

solideagle417d ago

Persona games have good silent protagonist(s)...

mercyblades417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Oh, Golden Sun, how I love that series!
As for silent protagonists, I don't really care. Dead Space 1 was fine, but when they introduced talking Isaac (Issac?) in D2, I didn't mind. What matters most is if the voice actor/actress is appropriate for the role.

nitus10417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

By silent protagonist, the author means or gives the impression of meaning that the main character you as the player controls has hardly any emotion and/or has minimal impact on the other members of your party.

Yes, there are Japanese RPG's that have a silent protagonist although there are many that don't (eg. Final Fantasy from 4 on). However, there are many so-called Western RPG's that have a silent protagonist as well (eg. Oblivion, Skyrim).

I think if the author wants emotional involvement in a game then I would recommend The Witcher 3 which is not a so-called Western or Japanese game but an Eastern one. How you play a game like The Witcher 3 actually gives an insight into what type of person you are.