The Problem With Nintendo's Amiibo

Are Nintendo's collectible figures really worth it?

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Neonridr423d ago

I wouldn't know, I have never taken mine out of the packaging lol

Soulst0rmer421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

There should have been an Amiibo team to handle these. I was really under the impression that one amiibo would unlock several things in every game that's compatible with amiibos. The fact that if a $15 amiibo gives you something as stupid as just a costume or if acts as paid DLC, then why? The concept of buying a Legend of Zelda amiibo and using it in 20 other games is such a cool idea. Botched idea. As a toy they look slick though

Sono421420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I would be fine with them as collectibles.. if they actually looked nice as collectibles.. they look so cheap, as they probably are. When i see a big hunk of plastic holding up the character does not look nice or collectible. (Look at the sonic amiibo for an example) I know they don't all look like that but none of them look of high quality, when something is labeled as a collectible I expect it to look the part. It's also a joke making them have different functions in different games, forcing you to get specific ones if you are buying them for the DLC purposes. Not to mention the price gouging of amiibo they know they will sell more of, for example, The Link smash amiibo costs 43$ right now on Amazon from Nintendo.. but the Corrin smash amiibo only costs $13. If you seriously believe the production costs between those amiibo's is that much you are blind. It's price gouging, they know the Link amiibo is higher in demand so they raise the price because they know fools will buy it. Nothing the Link amiibo does is worth 43$ that is some seriously expensive DLC, especially when that Link amiibo is one of them that has plastic holding it up and looks like cheap garbage. Anyone defending the amiibo is delusional. One of the worst tactics this gen, yet everyone just hates on EA, Ubi, and activision. Let's just say Nintendo is lucky everyone has a blind spot for them.

Erik7357421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

It's alright...i mean I think it's a creative more fun way of selling DLC and is Nintendo's spin on it. But Nintendo is using it to unlock cosmetic items and such which I'm not particularly found of but I think they put plenty of stuff in there for base of the game so I guess that's fine.But it would be cool to see them sell huge chunks of DLC in them instead of going to a boring menu screen on the tv and clicking "purchase now"

They are in their infancy and they are on to something big with these. Collectors like you enjoy them but i also think kids will go crazy over the action figure that comes to life in their games especially when its nintendo properties.

Neonridr420d ago

I do have a 5 year old (and a 7 month old). I had some duplicate amiibos which I let my 5 year old open. He seems to enjoy playing with them as action figures, lol. I just can't take myself to open them. Silly.

Sgt_Slaughter421d ago

You're asking this two year into their existence. I think you know by now there's no problem at all.

DARK_FOX421d ago

There is no problem. Stupid Article.

Xx_Pistol_xX421d ago

So locking DLC and parts of the game behind collectible toys that can go up in price drastically isn't a problem. Ok.

Xx_Pistol_xX421d ago

Can't wait to see the damage control.

wonderfulmonkeyman421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Can't wait to see the drama queens making Amiibo out to be the Satan of DLC.

Now, granted, there are a few bad examples of Amiibo locked content, like the recent Samus Returns Fusion Difficulty mode, but on the whole, most Amiibos don't lock crucial content and also work across multiple games, meaning you're getting more use out of them compared to how much you paid, if you own many games where Amiibo offer some sort of reward no matter how small it is.

The truth is that the majority of Amiibo aren't an issue, and most of them are cool figures for collectors to boot.
The prices for most of them are reasonable until scalpers get their hands on them, and if you're buying from scalpers then that's your mistake.

That's not damage control, that's a balance statement of fact.

Xx_Pistol_xX421d ago

Locking DLC behind an item that can be very rare and expensive is a huge issue.

Rebel_Scum421d ago

Damage control for what? No one's complaining about them like they are with MT's. Where's the controversy in a toy company making toys as that is what it is at the end of the day.

wonderfulmonkeyman420d ago

The majority of the dlc being "locked" is either inconsequential, like spare costumes in BotW, or can be earned throughout each game anyways, like materials in Hyrule Warriors.
Also, most of the Amiibo aren't difficult to find anymore; they're all only hard to get in the beginning or if they're a limited run item anyways, and to that point the first point applies to counterbalance it if you happen to be unable to find one.

As to being expensive, that's on Scalpers.
Most Amiibo aren't super expensive when sold at retail unless you're either living in a place where everything is overpriced or the retailer is an up-marking cess pit.

Xx_Pistol_xX420d ago

-BOTW has a difffucltly lock behind amiibo
-Metroid Samus Returns has game play features an entire mode locked behind the Amiibo.
-Fire Emblem Echoes locked exclusive dungeons.
-A whole bonus dungeon in Twilight Princess HD
And the fact that if the Amiibo is rare it cost 2 to 3 times more than what the DLC would originally cost.

feraldrgn421d ago

Unless you're a collector, they're just a very pricey form of DLC.
Nintendo should allow the DLC that the Amiibos unlock to be available on the online store, then you have a choice of if you want just the DLC or if you want to fork out for the collectable as well.

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