Xbox One Officially Licensed Keyboard & Mouse is Launching Soon

Microsoft has officially licensed a new Xbox One keyboard and mouse.

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Fishy Fingers52d ago

I presume they’ll allow any third party Keyboard and mouse configuration too because well, that’s one strange keyboard and a lot of people will already own some form of hardware. Bit pricy too. But I must admit I’d be keen to have a try with that keyboard just for the sake of it.

lxeasy52d ago

Aww snap about to play play XCOM 2 with Mouse And Keyboard

Eonjay52d ago

Looks just like the one on PS4.

Unspoken51d ago

Strange keyboard? Those are the best gaming controls in the industry.

EatCrow52d ago

Have you never seen these kinds of keyboards?
Theyre commonly seen. Nothing new.

Fishy Fingers52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Seen. Not tried, there’s a difference. That’s why I didn’t say it was new, just that I wouldn’t mind trying it. I’ve only played with traditional gaming keyboards.

Alexander1Nevermind52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

@ Fishy
I have a razer orbweaver ( ) that I use for PC gaming bc I sucked so much at kb&m. Its worked great for me when I cant use a controller on pc.

That said I just read a few reviews for the PS4 version and they weren't that promising.....I would hold off on purchasing this item personally.

nowitzki200452d ago

It has everything you pretty much need. And looks better for people playing on couch which most console gamers do.

Obscure_Observer52d ago

Hell yeah! Finally! Age of Empires is comming!

DJStotty52d ago

One can only hope, we need more strategy games coming across to xbox one when full kb/mouse support is a thing

The_Jackel52d ago

didn't that get delayed? :( looking forward to playing the crap out of t!!

jezizare52d ago

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Ghost_of_Tsushima52d ago

“Xbox One Officially Licensed Keyboard & Mouse is Launching Soon”

Goodbye balanced gameplay. Especially FPS games.

Death52d ago

I'm not sure I follow. I switched to a game pad for most of my games on PC years ago. I didn't notice a loss of balance. A kb and mouse are long overdue for RTS games at the very least. It's a nice option to have.

DJStotty52d ago

I want strategy games on xbox one "waves at command and conquer/starcraft"

Death52d ago

Microsoft needs a new Age of Empires as well. It's nice that the games are getting upgraded, but a proper sequel is long overdue.

Fishy Fingers52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Age of Empires IV was announced a few months back. Only PC confirmed at the minute but imagine it’ll get a XB release.


RexKwonDo52d ago

If you're big on strategy games just get a PC. All the Xbox exclusives will be on PC from here on out anyway.

thekhurg52d ago

He said especially FPS balance. If you claim to notice nothing then you’re lying.

Rude-ro52d ago

At least they changed the color right death?
Good call on the rip off statement

Cobra95152d ago

" I switched to a game pad for most of my games on PC years ago."

After a decade of mostly console gaming, I find myself using an Xbox One gamepad for most of my PC gaming now too. But there's no question that switching to a mouse offers much more aiming quickness and precision. It's a matter of convenience vs competitiveness. I'm strictly a single-player guy these days, so convenience wins out.

For RTS and other pointer-intensive games, yeah, mouse is the way to go. Hopefully, the control scheme will allow the use of both devices simultaneously. (Too many PC games make you choose one or the other exclusively.)

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DJStotty52d ago

Some people are more precise with controllers, some prefer it the other way around.

We already have cross play with PC, no one complains about balancing between the 2

nowitzki200452d ago

Do we have actual stats for average K&M vs average Gamepad players for those games?

MegamanXXX52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

He don't have stats lmao

slavish052d ago

U dont play xbox so don't worry about it

nowitzki200452d ago

Some are already playing with M&K using Xim4

yeahokwhatever52d ago

You can use Crosshair by some other company, and it works really well with any console and any controller. Keyboard and mouse on PS4, "incompatible" steering wheels, etc. It's wonderful. Works really well. I think its a little cheaper than the Xim as well.

Real_Raw_Gamers52d ago

They've already said they won't have mixed lobbies. You'll always have the option to NOT play against KB&M. Now if this takes away from the general pool of gamers is another story, but you aren't ever going to be forced to play against someone who's on KB&M.

nowitzki200452d ago

Thats for crossplay with PC though right? This K&M will be for Xbox, can they really separate M&K from controller on Xbox for every game? Some lobbies might get really empty for those M&K players.

Team_Litt52d ago

Separate lobbies for kb/m and controllers. Come on, use your brain.

Teflon0252d ago

Based on the PS4 one that looks exactly identical. It doesn't seem to be popular enough to worry about. It's quite expensive for a console gamer too. I was thinking about buying it until I saw the PS4 ones price.
So unless it's drastically different in price. No need to worry

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Vasto52d ago

Thank you!

My main complaint about console was playing FPS games with a controller.

Now we can get TRUE crossplay between Xbox and PC.

Microsoft has done it again!

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