Why EA dismantled Visceral Games

Toiling under EA's whip is a lot more about conforming to maximised projected profits than the art of making electronic entertainment. Visceral Games failed to conform, Visceral Games is no more.

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freshslicepizza418d ago

I would like to see something like Knights of the Old Republic 3, a good story driven title. The writing was on the wall long ago for these guys with EA wanting to make huge franchises out of everything.

Einhander1971418d ago

Visceral very talented team, obviously that's why EA wants to get rid. They want to carry on making the same shit they usually do.

Cobra951418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

He's not anything that hasn't been said more eloquently already.
[Edit: Warning: NSFW language]

I am completely in agreement with these commentaries. Still, the sad fact is that Visceral sold out to EA, as did the other studios EA cannibalized and discarded. Moral of the story for promising independent studios: DON'T DO IT!

418d ago
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