Breath of the Wild Is Still The Best Reviewed Game of 2017 - TACTICS Issue #8

TACTICS magazine have gathered all reviews across the world for all games released this year and created a list of the best received.

TACTICS is a video games analysis magazine this month featuring a look at the sports games and their place within the industry, the soaring success of PUBG and monthly stats on social and PR.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Well deserved. At first I thought it was overrated until I give it some time and it just gets better and better.

link2Dpast52d ago

Like how??? Your first thought was correct, it is overrated. I played the hell out of it, no spoilers, no guide, nothing and I just felt cheated for all that work put in. Reward of all that hard work for nothing, would of loved if this system finally incorporated a trophy system, this game would of been perfect for the reveal

Eltortugagames52d ago

Not having trophies actually hurts the quality of the game in your eyes...? Wow. What is it these virtual meaningless trophies mean to you really??