Lawbreakers Gets a Ranked Mode In Biggest Update Since Launch

Lawbreakers, the game that is on life support right now, gets the biggest update since it has been launched. The update is called All-Star and it will be featuring a ranked mode and boss leagues.

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chris235424d ago

ah the game no one wants to play because someone thought hopping on a trend is enough to make people care.

harambe_come_back424d ago

At least now everyone who is playing the game can be in the top 10.

PapaBop424d ago

I want to play it.. I'm just not paying 25 quid for a game with a dwindling population.

monkey602424d ago

And that's going to be the biggest issue this game will face. Everyone is going to look at it the same way. As a risk not worth taking.

Prince_TFK424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Just give it up Cliffy. At this point nothing can save this. Accept your loss and swallow your pride and put your resources toward something better.

irishyort424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

You know I played it and it was fun. I stayed away from the politics about the dev or whoever making comments about this and that, I just didnt see the longevity of the game compared to others I already played. There was a few OP characters that could use a little tweaking and some gawd awful button maps (They didnt have button remapping like games in the 2000s for some reason!!), but it was fun. My thoughts going away was how long can I play a game where I just run full tilt and blast everything in site without much strategy to be used, and I had a pretty good K/D as well so I didnt feel like I was playing it wrong. It really felt like an Arcade game. Blast, Fun, Blast, Fun, Blast, Fun - Game over - "Ok what other game can I put a $2 coin in now". I kinda feel like going back but meh, I know Ill get that exact arcade experience and feel like I need some substance instead on my console. I didn't get this feeling with Overwatch but I cannot explain why there is a difference between the 2 but there definitely is