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Sony’s racing exclusive finally arrives on PS4, with some of the best graphics on the console, but is it a better game than Forza Motorsport 7?

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C-H-E-F362d ago

i'm really not feeling these 7s like really... the game is an 85 at the least of things...

It literally has everything the previous games had but it's been tailored for the online experience and repackaged to simplify for gamers...

Buying car parts are done with mileage points via car settings, there is where you level up your car performance HP and Weight reduction...

Before you had to do it by buying a turbo charger or supercharger, intake, exhaust, etc. now you just do all of that in one instance...

The offline career mode GT Mode / Spec Mode is now GT Sport mode, it's been turned into an online experience...

Like I really don't get when people say ohhh the game is lacking... It literally has everything from the previous games inside of it, just packaged different. The creator himself also said so in an interview a few days ago.

Death362d ago

Did you seriously cut and paste your reply from the other reviews? This isn't an official release sent by Sony to combat lower than expected reviews is it? I'm pretty sure you are supposed to change the words a little to make it sound like a real response. Otherwise it's just plagiarism.

itsmebryan361d ago

Yes, he did. I wish he would explain why?

RexKwonDo362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Dont feel bad. Its a solid 7. That still means its worth playing. Especially if you're limited to one console and don't have the option to play some of the better titles available.

Kribwalker362d ago

dude, it’s missing the biggest part of the old games. Cars, tracks and single player. it would be like konami releasing Metal Gear Online as a full price metal gear solid game. it doesn’t have all the same stuff the old games have as you are trying to BS. There’s a reason it’s sitting at a 76 right now on metacritic . it’s like it’s a full price version of GT prologue, 4 years after the console came out

NoPeace_Walker361d ago

"It literally has everything the previous games had"

You can't be serious?

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343_Guilty_Spark361d ago

76% on metacritic 6.3 user score 🤔

NoPeace_Walker361d ago

WOW. Didn't expect that. That is the lowest scoring avg in the franchise history.

sizeofyou361d ago

Hasn't Forza 7 got the lowest Forza score in the franchise history. And user averages below GT:S..? And you know what, I couldn't give a crp. The user scores are plagued by zealots on both side plugging up comments like "...its not got content...0", "loved the previous games but this is a step back to 4...0". People out there with sad lives downplaying both. FFS - try them and play your choice and don't try to persuade other's that they're wrong in their choice. I'll inevitably get F7 with my X but in the meantime, I still think GT:S is a great game. As was Driveclub, as was FH3.

NoPeace_Walker361d ago

No, Forza 5 was the lowesr scoring game in the series.

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