Switch controller update available

NE: "You probably know about the ability to update Switch’s firmware. But did you know that you know that the console has an option to update controllers as well?"

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Ghost_of_Tsushima59d ago

The controllers should be automatically updated not manually as some may not know to even do the update.

wonderfulmonkeyman58d ago

No one yet knows if the update even does anything significant.XD

Neonridr58d ago

I agree, it's sort of silly to have to do them separately only because the less informed would have no clue to update them individually.

jezizare58d ago

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indysurfn56d ago

I am in shock that someone is gullible enough to click on your tiny link. SPAM!

Apex1358d ago

Errr just like the Xbox one yeah lol

AKR58d ago

I have an Xbox One controller for my PC and updates have to be applied manually. Just saying....

Uken1258d ago

At least it last longer than 3 hours. So not a big deal in any way.

indysurfn56d ago

This can be said of ANY console. So last time I checked I had to set my PS4 and Xbox one to auto update. Why is it any different for Nintendo? Turn on or off auto update. It is very easy to find on the SWITCH.

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dantesparda58d ago

"But did you know that you know that the console has an option to update controllers as well?"

Just like the X1.

ccgr58d ago

Thanks for the heads up!

someone7258d ago

I wonder if it has anything to do with the glitch I experienced today where the left joycon wouldnt sync without several restarts of the system.(this while being attached to the console)

Prior to today(and likely a result of the recent update), id never experienced this before.