How Microsoft’s Xbox One X is going against the grain

The next generation of Microsoft’s home console launches Nov. 7 and the company says the upgrade very much keeps the diehard gamer in mind.

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chrisx60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I thought the xbone x is this generation and not next.

freshslicepizza60d ago

It's quite powerful so some assume it is next generation.

Septic59d ago

The POWER of the BEAST! ♏

Nyxus59d ago

It's not meant to be the successor to the XB1 though. Just another member of the 'family'.

WilliamSheridan59d ago

There won't be a true successor to the One. Microsoft has eliminated generations, and will simply produce a faster machine every three years or so, potentially ceasing production of the lowest model when it's no longer viable...

freshslicepizza59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

"There won't be a true successor to the One. Microsoft has eliminated generations, and will simply produce a faster machine every three years or so, potentially ceasing production of the lowest model when it's no longer viable..."

Agreed. They don't think there is a need anymore for generations where you have to start all over. You can upgrade anytime you want like you do in the PC market while still enjoying all the newest games.

Skillz121559d ago

No not assume it’s def next gen

BiggerBoss59d ago


now if only Microsoft would start releasing some of those newer games.

Cuphead was good though.

59d ago
kevnb59d ago

@seniyah why would a hardcore gamer that wants a more powerful console want an xbox? Hardcore gamers also want the best games and xbox is missing too many of them.

ZeroX987659d ago

the time will come when a game will get released and you'll have to verify if you have the "specs" to run the game with a console!

It'll be simpler than PC on a sense that you won't have to look at the numbers. At retail, we're facing an upcoming problems with parents not aware that the hardware their kids got doesn't run the new triple AAA games but still runs the indie games/sports games.

For me it's not a problem at all, I've been dealing with building my own PC since the late 90's, but for younger gamers, parents will get pressured to buy the "upgraded hardware" to be able to play the same games as their friends.

LP-Eleven59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

It's a current gen, iterative console. Nothing more. When the PS5 rolls out, you aren't going to see Microsoft put out a marginally more powerful One X. Count on that. They, too, will "jump in" to next gen, no matter how much they claim otherwise.

denawayne59d ago

Xbox One's successor will play all games past and present in the Xbox family. That's where MS is headed. Why do you think BC has been such a point of focus this gen? Imagine 20 years from now, I'll still be able to play all my past games on the newest system. No need to break out my OG Xbox or 360.

freshslicepizza59d ago

now if only Microsoft would start releasing some of those newer games."

Agreed. They have the hardware and the online, support for backwards compatibility and even some titles using Play Anywhere like Cuphead you mentioned . They need to seriously look into more investment within and creating new titles. Something that seems to be secondary when it should be the main focus.

darthv7259d ago

It's power is relative to next gen but is being reserved for current gen. Until MS decides to change things and "flip the switch" and it becomes next gen with dedicated games to call its own.

bluefox75559d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I don't think anyone assumes that. No one with a brain. Next gen consoles don't release with an obsolete CPU that was nearly obsolete 4 years ago.

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trumpwonstopcrying59d ago

It plays games from this gen and won't have it's own exclusive software separate from the take a wild guess on what gen it's for

Either way this is a niche console for the hardcore gamer. It's clearly not intended for the casual crowd

UltraNova59d ago

So the all consoles with backwards compatibility are last gen? No my friend wr only need to look at whats at stake when a publisher launches new tech. In this case MS is wishing to God we forget the xb1 and all its blunders and treat the xb1x as a fresh start, aka a new xbox gen.

For all others, let the denial perpetuate.

yomfweeee59d ago

Ultra, use your brain.

Just because next gen has BC doesn't mean it is the same generation. It plays games that older gens can't, which is a big part of being next gen. That does apply to X1 and PS4. That doesn't apply to Pro and X1X.

Microsoft is wishing to god we forget about XB1? Why would they continue to sell it and it will be their best seller by a large margin. Why would they keep making games for X1? Why wouldn't they make X1X exclusives? Completely goes against your comments.

Use your brain.

Skillz121559d ago

Lol will see down the line when developers cannot make a game for the original Xbox one because it is not powerful enough then they will be forced to make it only for the x and pc. It’s gonna happen. However which way MS tries to spin things this is a next gen console the leap in power is to great

dmonee59d ago

For what it’s worth, I own an original Xbox 1 and a ps 4. I’m getting a new tv in a couple of weeks. I decided to get the Xbox one x when it comes out because it has the 4K player built in and it can play games. $500 doesn’t seem that unreasonable right now. I do agree with UltraNova though. Microsoft is trying its best to bury the original Xbox 1. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point, games are released that work with the Xbox 1 X and not the original.

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343_Guilty_Spark59d ago

This gen that gen...why does it matter so much to you.

All future Xbox’s will play the same games. All Xbox’s will be BC and FC.

Nobody says next gen PC...dump new CPU and GPU upgrade still plays all the same games.

S2Killinit59d ago

Problen w that is that the older consoles have to be dropped off at some point because they wont be supported.

343_Guilty_Spark59d ago

At that point that hardware would be so long in the tooth it wouldn’t matter.

The Xbox One will be 7 years old in 2020. I’m not worried about it being discontinued. I’d be more concerned if I couldn’t play Xbox some games at all.

viticiyuh59d ago

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denawayne59d ago

It's a lost cause trying to explain to these Sony fanboys something that is easily recognizable but because it's MS, they play dumb. We all know that in the future, all OG Xbox games will play on one Xbox and in order to play anything OG on PS, you'll have to go digging in mommy's basement for your PS1, PS2, PS3, etc.

bluefox75559d ago

You kind of do have PC gens though. Intel just released it's line of 8th gen CPUs, GPUs have generational leaps as well.

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fathertime446459d ago

Also it's 499 not 599. This article is hardly interesting and it's main points are wrong... so much for fact checking

HyperMouse59d ago

As much as people dont say its next gen here is the definition of next gen " A common label applied to a major upgrade of a hardware or software product".....sounds next gen to me

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NoPeace_Walker59d ago

Thw specs made it seems next gen compared to all the other consoles on the market but like the PS4 Pro, it plays all the same games of this generation.

Bigpappy59d ago

Well that is how M$ plans to do upgrades going forward. The game on the X will be able to be played on its successor.

59d ago
Skillz121559d ago

Nope next gen sorry try to spin it however u want, this is a next gen console

kevnb59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

its comparable to the pro, about 40% more powerful on paper.

bluefox75559d ago (Edited 59d ago )

No they don't, lol. The leap from last gen to this gen was massive compared to the "leap" from X1 to X!X, much smaller yet is the leap from PS4 Pro to X1X.

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FungLip59d ago

Not until there's an exclusive title for it.

ZeroX987659d ago (Edited 59d ago )


it's hard to say. before the PS3/X360, the jumps in hardware performances were tremendous. PS1>PS2>PS3 or Nes>Snes>N64>gamecube were big jumps in hardware performance!, but PS3/X360 to PS4/X1 and then to PS4Pro/Xbox OX, the gap just wasn' that big lately.

That's why I wouldn't consider "generation leaps" anymore. Upgrades, sure.

Vizigoth0459d ago

Microsoft has stated they want to eliminate generations. Does anyone classify PC by generation? Maybe possibly by graphics card but no. It seems like even in 4 years if there is an Xbox 2 it may be designed for then current and previous generations to play on it. All it is is hardware upgrade much like a PC.

HyperMouse59d ago

Definition of next gen - A common label applied to a major upgrade of a hardware or software product

dmonee59d ago

Depends as to whether or not MS continues to support the original Xbox 1 down the road. If they eventually abandoned it and only make games on the Xbox one S and the X, then it will be some sort of next gen console

Skillz121559d ago

Yes it’s next gen ms is trying to spin things like it’s not.

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slavish059d ago

Lol the smear campaign against x1x on n4g is in full swing. Sorry x1x is coming baby 😂

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Rude-ro59d ago

What smear?
Until Microsoft actually becomes a gaming company, what is there to fear?
A monopoly perhaps.

mutefo59d ago

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Skillz121559d ago

I think your the one who’s going to be crying after u spent $500 for a system with no games...

Snakefist3058d ago

In 2007 where Xbox fanboys bashing Ps3 and games left and right in N4g!

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Pantz59d ago

Xbox One X is about to blow up those charts, they're effectively obsolete

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Ju59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Interesting things about those charts.

* pro is expected to outsell the X this holidays. Which doubt it will
* Xbo and Xbo S are separate entities when in fact only one is on the market and their added share exceeds the PS4 Slim, when in fact we know it doesn't do so well.

And then a million false claims from MS, but nothing what we haven't seen before

bluefox75559d ago

Not according to the article it isn't. The research suggests the amount of people interested in buying X1X is nearly identical to the people interested in buying the Pro. This is less impressive when you consider the Pro has been out for a year already.

Ju59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

It is exactly impressive because it's been out for a year. And it's slightly ahead 22% vs 20% or something. Usually new platform releases take the cake. I still believe this will happen. Unless the price is indeed a bigger motivator. I'm just surprised market evaluation puts the Pro ahead

Skillz121559d ago

Lol with what?lol you have me dying over here

Pantz58d ago

Looks like I can't say. I posted facts about the Xbox One X that were covered in many stories on this very site, yet that post was marked as spam. Guess some of the mods are into console wars. I love my PS4 Pro, but it's a fact that my Xbox One X will play most games better than the Pro will. I'll still be using both for various games though. Shoot I may have said too much again and could get banned for saying facts like this.

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JonnS59d ago

Then against the grain they go .