If Single-Player Games Are "Dying" Then Explain Super Mario Odyssey

It's weird seeing the gaming discourse of the week revolving around the apparent "death" of single-player video games, when Super Mario Odyssey is just around the corner.

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FallenAngel1984423d ago

Who said single player games were dying in the first place?

darthv72423d ago

SP games aren't dying but they just arent the focus for some developers and publishers. Especially where there is $$ to be made from crafting larger MMO types or battle royale games.

SP games are just fine and still being made by devs/pubs who have a focus on that.

freshslicepizza422d ago

Exactly. But again some will look at success stories like Zelda, Mario and Horizon and say see, what's the problem? Meanwhile you have multiple other games that don't sell well. Plus developers wan to get paid. They want to discourage one time playthrough games that are often sold quickly. They want to keep players engaged while selling more stuff to them.

UltraNova422d ago

Ok let me explain why Mario: 1st, its a new 3D Mario game. 2nd, its Nintendo thats why. 3rd Repeat 1&2.

Sono421422d ago

First of all, who says this? Second, why only mention Super Mario Odyssey? There are plenty of other examples to give.. there's another example coming out on the same day... Wolfentsein!

indysurfn422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

It is fan boys of multiplayer games and a few people that defend micro transactions. But only a few marketing executives have use this phrase to hype up their multiplayer centered game. It is not because it is a Mario game (for reference see how fast sales of Sonic and other great icons DROPPED once the quality went down).

Mario 64 back in 1996 was already 3d

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Bhuahahaha422d ago

sp is dying is just an excuse for those greedy publisher to justify their money grabbing scheme with mt

nitus10422d ago

MMO's, FPS and Shooters have their main emphasis on multiplayer, to begin with.

There are still plenty of single player games that have come out or are in the pipeline that can easily be played without an online connection although most AAA games seem to push the online and consequently multiplayer features. Of course, the $$ component is heavily pushed in some of these AAA games.

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mafiahajeri422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Lmao my thoughts exactly. Doom and gloom articles for hits is what it is.

Godmars290422d ago

Game publishers.

Since SP games don't offer a potential for ongoing revenue like MP, the extra effort and resources involved with creativity, SP 'isn't good for business".

freshslicepizza422d ago

Exactly so credit does go to those who continue to offer them but let's be realistic, the industry is profit driven (especially in the AAA market). What will happen is the AA market will likely now replace the AAA market for single player titles. Such as Hellblade. When you have hundreds of people making games now you can see why there is a push to make the games into franchises and by doing that you keep the players engaged longer.

Godmars290422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Why? Why would you make me to push your MS button? EA and Activision maybe best known for putting business interests above consumers, Square has certainly sacrificed the FF franchise to MMO mediocrity, and even Sony's dipped their toe - hell, they're as neck-deep as the rest, just see the value of SP product - into DLC and limited exclusivity BS, but MS its been MS that pushed "Games as Service" since around if not at the very beginning. They introduced online, along with a - now defunked? - paid internet service provider, XBL subscriptions, then tried the XB1 online DRM policies and mandatory Kinect despite the advanced backlash of one and the other not working. MS has been steeped in current "SP don't make us money" BS since the beginning and well before Phil. The reasoning behind which is since they've never allowed for creative freedom, they don't see creative freedom as the way out of the mess they've put themselves in while what titles they make are about online and multiplayer.

There. Consider your MS button pushed!

freshslicepizza422d ago

You can lay most of the blame on Microsoft all you want but the industry is changing all around whether you like it or not.

I told you guys that the AAA market was not sustainable the way it was with development costs getting out of control and games taking longer to come out.

Publishers like Activision are releasing less games while making more money. That's the reality. But again I rarely see much interest in PC gaming in this forum so it looks like you don't want to change and thinks the industry shouldn't either. The PC is really the last platform that isn't corrupt with mass marketing.

Perjoss422d ago

"Who said single player games were dying in the first place?"

The suits at EA

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shinoff2183423d ago

They arent dying. I will add though that had the new mario have been two players Id have a switch already. Theres not alot of two player games me and my girl play and mario is the one we play the most.

inStereo422d ago

It has co-op! If your girl is anything like my girl, I think she'd appreciate it:

RedDevils422d ago

Wait, is it your left hand or your right hand? :)

dillydadally422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

I don't even understand this article. NO ONE SAID single player games are dying. They said LINEAR games are dying. Star Wars isn't shifting to a multiplayer game, it's shifting to a more non-linear game. Guess what Mario Odyssey is? A non-linear game. Guess what Zelda, Horizon, etc. are? Non-linear games. This whole article is based on a faulty premise.

Personally, I don't think it's that linear games are dying either - I just think that gamers are really interested in new experiences. Linear games have been around forever, while new advancing technology are really opening up new possibilities for non-linear games right now, which means there's just a lot more room for innovation and experiences gamers haven't had before in non-linear games. Once non-linear games have been fully explored and people tire of them, I feel like linear games will come back into favor.

JEECE423d ago

Even if single-player games are dying (which I take no stance on), one upcoming game hardly disproves a trend. Besides, anyone seriously making this argument would almost certainly be arguing it in terms of PS4/Xbox One, not the Switch.

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Silly gameAr423d ago

Look at the games that came before Super Mario Odyssey. Plenty before Mario, plenty after. Single payer games aren't going anywhere.

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SegaGamer422d ago

The best games released this year have been single player.

Tetsujin423d ago

"IF" this is true regarding single player, the day that happens is the day I stop moving forward with gaming and stick to the classics. I refuse to enter a console gen with multiplayer only; so a game can go at any time and we as gamers have nothing to show but a smaller bank account.