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PSLS: "One’s enjoyment of Gran Turismo Sport will solely be determined by whether the prospect of learning different tracks and competing in three different online races per day is exciting to them. If you can’t get into that gameplay loop then you’ll want to play something else, as the single-player content is extremely limited, and even the online offerings aren’t rich with features. GT Sport does a few things exceptionally well (you won’t find a better looking and playing racing game), but it ultimately left me wanting more content out of it. Hopefully over time, either through updates or DLC, the size and scope of it will be expanded, but for now players can enjoy some incredible racing, even if it’s quite limited."

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yeahokwhatever394d ago

"you won’t find a better looking and playing racing game" - 7/10

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Nacho_Z394d ago

All the top racing games have good looks and enjoyable handling, the differences between them in those senses are marginal. The real gaps appear when you look at the actual content of the games.

yeahokwhatever394d ago

"you won’t find a better looking and playing racing game" is not the same thing, not even remotely, as "good and enjoyable". Scram, fanboy.

Nacho_Z394d ago

It's not as different as you seem to think because the differences between them in those respects are insignificant at best. Personally I don't think GTS is the market leader at either but I was pretending it was for arguments sake.

Incidentally the only console I own is a PS4 so what you're seeing there is my honest opinion if that's not too hard for you to stomach.

yeahokwhatever394d ago

I would say there's a significant gap in quality between GTS and F7 (at least on ultra on the PC, where I play it). F7 launched with a TON of bugs, and there's some pretty weird game design choices as well. The community is pretty upset about the homogenization upgrades in F7, along with the selection of cars being too similar to those offered in FH3(which I also play, and I'm not sure I agree with that critique). It does to me feel like GTS is just a better game all around. Yes, its neat to be able to drive cars that the average joe has in their driveway, or cars you remember from your childhood, but from my experience with GTS, the new experience is so much better than I'm definitely on the side of thinking its a worthwhile trade off. After all, I've already played GT1-6, why would I want more of the same? There's a pretty good argument to be made that GT6 was too similar to GT5, and that players actually want something fresh. I welcome gladly this change. Think about it this way, they could have made it story-based like the crappy EA driving games that keep coming out..

AmstradAmiga394d ago

This game feels more like a successor to GT on the PSP than any console based GT. After waiting so long for this game I cant help but feel disappointed. Was really hoping this would be an apology for the GT cash-grab that was GT6.

yeahokwhatever394d ago

..but it sounds like you wanted GT6..

AmstradAmiga394d ago

No, I didn't get GT6 as it did not offer enough of an improvement over GT5 which I was still playing.

yeahokwhatever394d ago

It STILL sounds like you wanted GT6, but on a PS4.

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equal_youth394d ago

The racing feels very very (very, very, very) well, but i don't like the approach they took in other areas either. I can't invite friends trough traditionell PSN invites and ID's feel off, old and mostly don't work. Three races a day can get boring really fast, why not change them every 3-5 hours? Why can't i build a racing team with 1-3 friends in Sports mode and race against another team? There are so many missed opportunities. I don't care about having 700 cars in the game or not because there are only 365 days in a year and i can only master so many cars in that time, but there could have been more tracks. Feels like this game will also go the "GaaS" route to make players stick over time to GT and to satisfy investors in meetings with boring numbers over active players and bla bla bla...

Ducky394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

It's actually three races a week. They changed every day in the demo, but it appears that the full game only has them change every week.

I really hope this is just temporary while the game is launching and being rolled it. It would be nice to see more than three daily events, preferably one event for each car classes.