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After a long wait, Gran Turismo Sport is here, and it is racing perfection beyond measure. This is the best racing game that I have ever played, overflowing in beauty, grace, playability, and precision. Driving a go-kart, a fusion-engine concept race car, or a standard Ford Focus all provide a wealth of fun and unique challenges. Gran Turismo Sport is a triumph, and will be played voraciously by racing fans for years and years to come.

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UCForce59d ago (Edited 58d ago )

That's something to show.

Edit : I was surprised by this review.

frostypants58d ago

If hardcore online racing is your thing it is freaking amazing. People who are complaining just wanted GT7...which this was never meant to be.

darthv7258d ago

Can you blame them? I mean we have become accustomed to some pretty steady constants out of Sony and PD. They have given the fans 2 GT games per system but this time they threw all of that to the side. When people count of these things to be there and they arent then...

I understand they wanted to do something different, but maybe they could have done it AFTER giving the long time fans the fan service they expect (that is GT7). Until the name was revealed, we all pretty much assumed THIS WAS GT7. Not only were the fans let down by it not being GT7 but that this may also break the other tradition of there being 2 GT games this gen (like previous).

so the long term fans complaining have every right to complain. The trend of making things that werent E-Sports before but now they are is happening more often. Just look at the articles regarding SP games. GT has been one of my favorite SP based racing series since the first game and now that has changed.

58d ago
DeadSilence59d ago

The problem is the lack of cars tracks and SP, if this game had more content it would be perfect.

Rimeskeem58d ago

I assume this game will be a lot like DriveClub where content will be added as it continues (hopefully for free). I’m glad they released it because knowing Polyphony it would have taken them years to make more content for it. What they releases is a polished race simulator. Now they just need to add.

NailheadGames58d ago

I really enjoy driveclub right now but I hate all the additional dlc you have to buy

IamTylerDurden158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

GTS absolutely nailed the two most important things, the gameplay and visuals. The driving and the graphics are both sublime. The game is stunning on Pro.


Driveclub is a fantastic game atm but u are way off if u complain about having to buy the dlc. Loads of free content was given and the season pass which was always a steal is now dirt cheap. U can basically have the entire game plus all dlc for proverbial peanuts. It's a ridiculous deal on what was already a great buy.

jukins58d ago

Ehh they polyphony and Sony knows the majority of long term gt players are eager to be online and test against other equally skilled drivers and push themselves to be one of the best in the world against real people possibly leading to real racing career.

Given how gt6 was supported I have no doubts that this game will be constantly filled with content.

Kribwalker58d ago

but GT6 gave free dlc because it was backed by MTs to fund it. i find it hard to believe they will be giving loads of free content with no way to recoupe cost. I see them adding MTs if they add everything for free.

shuvam0958d ago

I wish they had provided Tourist Trophy for free with this...
But licensing issues, I guess...

sprinterboy58d ago

Totally agree, day 1 for me still though but what I scratch my head at is why didn't they include a track editor of some sort for people to upload tracks like monza, spa etc. Obviously they wouldnt be premium tracks but they could of had something in place for us create tracks within a section of the game via ps4 and PC editing

frostypants58d ago

It has SP just no SP career. Which is fine IMO since this was clearly marketed as an online game. Maybe they'll expand on it later.

The_KELRaTH58d ago

Not only that but the online "Sportsmanship" doesn't work.

Today tried 5 online races and in all but 1 I was deliberately bumped off the track as it seems there's no penalty for side swiping but there IS for going off the track. In it's current state it's utterly pointless.

VariantAEC57d ago

When someone bumps you off the track both players are penalized...
I don't get why you are penalized for being shoved out of bounds, but rest assured the guy who screwed you didn't get off scott-free.

SurgicalMenace58d ago

Listen, a good game is a good game. Until you're not just sitting on your computer demanding more content, like some gluttonous fiend, and work to create your own games, just enjoy what's given. Where did all these spoiled do nothing's come from? Polyphony has earned to right to release what they want, as they've sustained through a massive closing of studios industry wide. All I hear about is content and you've not even tried what's available, so if it had more cars you'd do what? You would dedicate you life to driving all 500+ of them? No. You find 10 you like and stick to them, as most of us would. You're a critique with no experience, commenting on the review of someone else's take on the game, what's your contribution? If you don't like it, dont buy it. Otherwise, there is no problem.

strifeblade58d ago

it has half players racing than forza, un vr mode you only race one car, no weather effects, baked lighting...

IRetrouk58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Wrong, up to 24 racers online and 30 against the ai on endurance races, no weather effects is right other than standing water for now, the lighting isnt baked at all, its still dynamic its the time of day thats not.

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Gamist2dot058d ago

So those looking for an arcade experience, Forza 7 and PC 2. Those looking for serious racing sim, GT Sport.

58d ago
DarXyde58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

It seems like there are members of your community that would disagree. Some of you call Forza and Project Cars a sim, others call them arcade racers.

You lot should probably come to a consensus.

KickSpinFilter58d ago

IRacing Sim
PC2, Forza, GTSport Light Sim
Driveclub ArcadeSim
Forza H, Arcade

S2Killinit58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

You wont learn to drive playing Forza that’s for sure.

Army_of_Darkness58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Curious, but what exactly makes gt sport more of a sim driver above the the rest( Forza, project cars) ? Serious question cause I can't tell the difference beyond the graphics, content and exclusivity...
Also, playing racing sims don't make you a better driver cause I'm a great driver in real life but only mediocre to crappy in racing games.

bolimekurac58d ago

its funny how in 2017 people dont know that you can turn assists off in forza and make it as hard as they like

freshslicepizza58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

"Curious, but what exactly makes gt sport more of a sim driver above the the rest( Forza, project cars) ? Serious question cause I can't tell the difference beyond the graphics, content and exclusivity...
Also, playing racing sims don't make you a better driver cause I'm a great driver in real life but only mediocre to crappy in racing games."

It's slightly more of a sim than Forza but not Project Cars. The real sim racing titles are on the PC such as iRacing and Assetto Corsa. The reason why GT gets so much attention is marekting and its history. Back when Gran Turismo came out there really wasn't much competition at the time. It still does not use collision physics correctly. Tire flex and other in-depth analysis are not as simulated as Project Cars 2 either but I still put it slightly ahead of Forza due to how well the car behaves with the surface. Both GT and Forza are very playable on a controller as well which goes to show how accomodating each is.

WePlayDirty58d ago

Forza is more arcade than Sim.

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Zeref58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

lol, the go to catch phrase for Sony fanboys defending their inferior game.

Both Forza 7 and PC 2 has higher reviews than GT Sport. And both look miles better. Forza 7 is just on another level when it comes to graphics though.
Sorry bro, GT hasn't been king since Forza 4. And that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

58d ago
LegoIsAwesome58d ago

What the hell did I read? Forza 7 and Pcars 2 look bettet than GTSports? Did you really tried there buddy? Agree on the content wise but graphics? Ohh ok.

Feldman900058d ago

Enjoy your loot boxes and false assurance youre a good driver

Zeref58d ago

Sony has been caught with their pants down. The replays have added post processing effects that make it look better than real-time footage.

LegoIsAwesome58d ago

Do you have proof dark lord @Zeref?

Zeref58d ago

This is base Xbox One vs PS4 Pro and Forza 7 still holds it's own lmao.

showtimefolks58d ago


GT:S will outsell both F7 PR2 and i am sure those publishers want higher rreviews and not better sales

like F7 being the worst selling forza game on xbox one

GT series has sold over 75 million copies
GT series doesn't need $50 season passes top be successful
Gt:S does n't have loot boxes or MT

OB1Biker58d ago

'Sony fanboys defending their inferior game. '
Your comments may make some pretence of sense in an article bashing the game. I suggest you look for those

LegoIsAwesome58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Seriously man did you really tried? Base on that link you replied, dude you blind or your vision just fixated on any non sony game? Clearly on that video alone there GTSports is the winner. Did you look hard on that lighting and reflection hitting the car in GTSports? You're being funny there man seriously.

Ugh duh? Ps4 Pro is just a minor upgrade? Or mid gen upgrade or whatever you anti sony calls it? You expecting Ps7 kind of graphics to GTSports?

And why send me a link of comparison when I ask some proof of that post processing sh*t your telling me abouy the replays of GTSports?

Seriously man your funny. You know if you're gonna try that hard? You should have link the gameplay where its raining and the controlled car is GT-R that gameplay is next gen af. Oh hey at least I acknowledge the graphics on weather of Forza7 unlike you trying hard so much it makes my stomach hurts for laughing so much.

TKCMuzzer58d ago

You may want to hit the rewind button on your comment, that's what its there for, when people make errors........

Dark_Knightmare258d ago (Edited 58d ago )

You're pathetic coming to articles for games that are on a console you don't own like grow up dude trolling is freaking sad

MegamanXXX58d ago

But Drive Club looks better than all lmao

Kenshin_BATT0USAI58d ago

From what I've seen GT Sport has less performance issues that PC2 and just factually looks better than Forza 7. Besides that it doesn't take the lootbox approach thankfully.

In addition, I might be wrong here, but it's the only one of the three with a VR mode. Which is a massive selling point to racing fans.

DrumBeat58d ago

Agreed. Honestly, it's time for Polyphony to bow out. I think this franchise is dead. I also think they killed it - and I think it's time for Polyphony to quit. Stop twisting the knife. Whatever talent still exists, I'm sure you'll be recognized and find placement quickly.

IamTylerDurden158d ago

U honestly think Forza and PC2 have better visuals than GTS? Are u serious? The lighting and car models in GTS kill Forza.

It's funny that u think Forza is king. U guys talk so much about Forza instead of actually buying the game. Your king was outsold by Driveclub. At least Playstation fans have a solid racing franchise to compete with the likes of Forza. What exactly does the other side have to compete with Uncharted, God of War, Horizon, LBP, TLoU, R&C, Bloodborne, VR, MLB...Not to mention the JRPGs.

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Feldman900058d ago

Except forza is. Pc2 still more sim than gts.

RexKwonDo58d ago

What sim features does GT have that FM7 doesn't?

RexKwonDo58d ago


What does GT do with physics that FM doesnt?

58d ago
Septic58d ago

Lol.its a bullshit narrative. Don't fall for it

RexKwonDo58d ago


It doesn't require an engineering degree to understand the bullet points of why game A might have better physics than game B. It seems like no one can even provide 1 bullet point as to what techniques are applied in GT that give it superior physics. So maybe that claim is rubbish.

VariantAEC57d ago

Or it's just taht Forza fans ignore them...
Gran Turismo
Better breaking and acceleration.
Both function more smoothly just played FM7 on a pad and even though the acceleration bar was less than a quarter full the cars and trucks have to burn out to start moving. Breaking is similarly broken in FM7 vehicles can't just slow to a smooth soft stop they have to stop suddenly and when they do releasing the brakes doesn't allow the car to start moving again even when downhill on an incline.
GTS simulates automatic motion. Cars will move in whatever direction gravity is pulling them in manual cars and forward (or backwards depending on if you are in reverse or not).

Cars rock and roll correctly which is easy to see in all view points in GTS these motions indicate motion and show wheight distribution as they do in real life changing suspension settings affects the handling and motion of the cars body. FM7 shakes side view mirrors to indicate speed... I've not seen that in real life yet.
Anyway that's just a few things that anyone can wrap their head around quite easily even if you have a pretty severe mental handicap.

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Firebird36058d ago

Unless you're in a real car, they can all be considered "arcade" racers.

Redlife2g58d ago

Pc2 is arcade?? You just lost all credibility with that nonsense

Father__Merrin58d ago

Project cars 1 had horrible floaty handling on PC using controller. And it always crashed to desktop therefore I won't ever be bothering with it again

FyBy58d ago

PC2 is more sim than GT. Forza is more arcade than GT.

frostypants58d ago

All of those are sims. But I'd agree GTS is the most hardcore in terms of physics.

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G20WLY58d ago

Wtf? Horizon is an open world adventure!

SlapHappyJesus58d ago


Fun fact .. I really don't care what other people play, enjoy, and may consider "deh bezt!!!!".
I know what I enjoy.

IRetrouk57d ago

I ment that the gif is of gt sport lol, when i first read your comment i thought you wernt sure what game it was..

SlapHappyJesus57d ago


Apologies. Have been doing a LOT of traveling for work.
Exhausted and testy.

Well ... more on edge than my average self, lol.

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PlayableGamez-58d ago

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec will always be the best Gran Turismo ever.

Feldman900058d ago

You know what, ill applaud you for this comment. You may be the only one that believes this.