All Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games Announced for 2018

Get a feel for some of the amazing titles coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in 2018.

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Moonman420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Hopefully Metroid Prime 4 and No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again both arrive in 2018. What happened to Seasons Of Heaven? Hopefully we'll get an update on it. And the game Retro is working on hopefully will get announced in 2018. Nintendo will probably have surprises that will launch next holiday. I really wish a brand new Mario Kart is coming. 4 years next May since Mario Kart 8. They have been coming out about every 4 years as MK7 was 2011. Yes, I'm thirsty. Lol

PolishWingedHussar420d ago

Yeah, I feel you on Metroid Prime 4 and No More Heroes. I feel Mario Odyssey will keep me busy for a while, but moving into 2018 I need one or preferably both of those in my life lol.

As for Seasons of Heaven, it kind of dropped off the face of the earth. I remember it being among the first Switch titles announced and then... nothing. No updates for months. I wonder if it was cancelled?

Moonman420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Hopefully it was just starting development as to why we haven't heard anything about Seasons Of Heaven. I'm super hyped for Odyssey and I will try and 100% that as usual. :p If Metroid makes it out, Nintendo will probably couple it with another big release. Luigi's Mansion 3? And throw in some Gamecube games on Switch? Ok, i'll shut up wishing. Lol

indysurfn419d ago

I've seen longer lists for Nintendo in 2018 this list only has 31 on it. has 56! Plus another 66 that it is not sure of the year on.

wonderfulmonkeyman420d ago

If they manage to pull off Prime 4 before the mid point of next year, I'm going to be very happy, but I'm setting my expectations low, by thinking we're not going to see that till holiday of 2018 at the EARLIEST.

Aside from that, I'm expecting a surprise reveal of a combined version of Smash 4 to hit the Switch sometime in the near future.
HD Smash Run with local multiplayer support and the ability to actually encounter your opponents on the field while collecting the powerups, that just sounds like too good an opportunity to pass up...

PolishWingedHussar420d ago

I think if Nintendo wants a surefire holiday hit, they'll work to get Metroid Prime 4 ready (at least that's what I'm hoping).

And yeah, there's a tragic lack of Smash on the Switch. I can definitely see Nintendo announcing/releasing a Smash game next year, even if it's like a Mario Kart 8 situation where it's just an updated version of the Wii U's Super Smash Bros.

The 10th Rider419d ago


I think they're more likely to put out Animal Crossing next holiday. They already have No More Heroes and Fire Emblem for next year, which kind of fall under the same category as Metroid with all being games for older individuals. Animal Crossing is one of their biggest series and it's been years since the last one, so having one drop next holiday season would help sell the console.

Gaming4Life1981420d ago

All i need is Metroid to be honest but I also want another star fox, i actually liked the last one.

SR388419d ago

Metroid can't wait for!... Seasons of heaven was vapourware wasn't it? Or faked :/... MK9 yay! News on sma5h? Starfox? F-Zero?

PolishWingedHussar419d ago

To Indysurfin, that website lists a lot of rumored and "what if" titles like Smash Bros for the Switch which has yet to be confirmed. This list features titles confirmed by Nintendo with links attached to each game verifying its Switch presence and current projected release date.

NotoriousWhiz419d ago

What could they really do with a new Mario kart though? Give us new characters and stages? They can do that anyway with DLC.

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EddieNX 420d ago

Animal Crossing for Switch is coming next year according to my intuition

stupidusername420d ago

Really hope so too! If not, then the incredible popularity of Stardew Valley on Switch should justify Nintendo making one.

420d ago

I'd love a new urban champion and Rygar.

GameBoyColor420d ago

Super hyped for smt and fire emblem

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