Gran Turismo Sport Review – A Strong Start I The Koalition

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: On May 12th, 1998, Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment released a brand new racing game in North America titled Gran Turismo. Since then, this critically-acclaimed series has continued to captivate the hearts of racing genre fans everywhere while also honoring the impressive body of work by popular game designer and professional race car driver Kazunori Yamauchi.

With the release of Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital has started a new generation in the current iteration of Gran Turismo titles and are aiming to elevate the series to new heights.

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rbailey426d ago

Not a bad start to this new series of Gran Turismo games, but the always online mentality behind Campaign is a killer and offline there isn't much content. Again, not a bad racing game but most certainly also not the best racing game currently on the market.

sagesurge426d ago

I've played better #sorrynotsorry

SwiffEpics426d ago

Good to see this game finally come out

lolosgolos426d ago

Not a well received game critically and now we here all sorts of excuses defending its flaws

RexKwonDo426d ago

Sitting @ 78% on metacritic. I thought it would be a little higher than that.

The 10th Rider426d ago

TBH it would be significantly higher if they had put in substantial offline content. Hopefully that's content that they patch in.

XStation4pio_Pro426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

agreed. its good but will be better after some updates. definitely play on the pro in HDR if you can. the difference is pretty noticeable. I personally give it an 8 as is.

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The story is too old to be commented.