Iron Banner Proved That Accessibility in Destiny 2 Comes at a Huge Cost

Accessibility comes at a price.

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InTheZoneAC339d ago

Remove trials/raid gear from clan engrams

Otherwise I have no complaints. If you're a nub playing competitive you will get stomped, regardless of your level.

Play the game, enjoy it, stop crying. When you get tired play something else or get off

rdgneoz3339d ago

It's more like they need to fix the match making system for things. Quick play or regular competitive will match a team of solos vs a 4 man group many times, while trials will match 7 win teams (why not put them in their own pool after they get 7 wins for the week?) against teams that get 1 or 2 wins all the time.

As for getting tired and playing something else, Fractured But Whole - such a great game to relax and take a break from Destiny 2 with (till prestige leviathan or whenever the level cap is upped).

Rude-ro339d ago

Are there games that control matchmaking to that degree? I have never played one.