V-Jump Reveals Captain Ginyu And Nappa As The Newest Playable Dragon Ball FighterZ Characters

From GameWatcher: "As Japan typically does, they've revealed new information about the growing roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ in a magazine - V-Jump to be exact The latest issue was used to announce that both Captain Ginyu and Nappa will be playable characters. The game also had its Japanese release date confirmed as February 1"

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mania568340d ago

this is sad news,, in this type of game with limited roster, they will take the place of much better fighters, i understand the Z fighters inclusion, but nappa?

Outlawzz340d ago

So wts the total playable characters up to now ?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI340d ago

18 so far. More to come apparently.

Nintendew340d ago

Come on Broly!!!
We need him!!!