If Nintendo's Mini trend continues, here's 11 N64 classics N64 Mini has to have

It's not an actual, official 'thing' as of yet, but given the success of NES Mini and SNES Mini, surely it's in the pipeline. So here are 11 games that absolutely must be included. If it happens.

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Neonridr398d ago

Blast Corps is a personal favorite and would love to see it make an appearance. Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Majora's Mask, Mortal Kombat Trilogy are all great options too..

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Moonman398d ago

I'll buy it for sure. Hopefully I'll get a SNES classic before this one launches. lol

Tazzy398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Nice selection Ridge Racer was great Resident Evil also plus don't forget Nintendo had Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside N Sports they should bring it back. I liked Turok the Dinosaur Hunter very good game and Excitebike doubt they'll have WWF No Mercy or any WCW game made by Aki those were great to.

Fist4achin398d ago

Instead of all these minis, why dont they just allocate those resources to make more switches?!

Soy397d ago

There are plenty of them wherever I go now. Toys R Us, Best Buy, Target.....all well-stocked. Not sure if you're looking very hard......

RosweeSon397d ago

Because big companies have more than one product at a time

SkippyPaccino398d ago

If there's a 64 mini it's going to be more than 80$....

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