Dead Space is the sequel Resident Evil 4 deserved

For proof of this, you need look no further than the basic premise. Dead Space is Resident Evil 4 in space. There's no point trying to deny it, even the developers happily acknowledge it. In an interview with PC Gamer, Visceral Games (then EA Redwood) explain that they initially intended to make System Shock 3. Then they played Resident Evil 4 and immediately reimagined the game as a third-person action horror. It was an entirely deliberate decision. But the change in approach also meant they had to sell a new IP to EA, and to do that they had to make Resident Evil 4 in space excellent.

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gantarat396d ago

we know that since 2008-09

scofios396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Till today there is no real sequel to RE4 , dead space and the tlou are the closest to it , re5 and 6 faild to deliver .Not even the evil within from the same creator .

thatguyhayat396d ago

I honestly think evil within out did the whole franchise. Its why capcom is trying to get him to make resident evil 8

KaaF396d ago

Atmosphere wise, absolutely, everything else, not so much. Still, atmosphere alone made that game for me, not many horror games can do that.

gantarat396d ago

capcom didn't try to get him,Shinji said he "might" on interview if he have chance to direct RE 8

396d ago
Plagasx396d ago

Actually, I would give that honor to The Evil Within.

Tankbusta40396d ago

Resident Evil 4 was the game that set the series into the almost decade long tail spin. I am sick of these millennials who champion it. RE 1-3 were head over heels better

396d ago
PhantomTommy396d ago

The best game ever made set the series into a tail spin.

KwietStorm395d ago

Best game ever made lol cmon now

GamesMaster1982396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

I 100% agree. Resident 1 and 2 were the best. The Resident Evil Remake is how Resident Evil should be, Don't get me wrong i liked 4 but not as a Resident Evil game but as a action game. Please for the love of god let the Resident Evil 2 Remake be like the 1 Remake. I still also enjoyed playing 5 and 6 in coop but again as a action game not resident evil. 7 is exactly what the series needed, back to survival horror.

KwietStorm395d ago

I say all the time how I don't understand the overflowing love for Resident Evil 4, but 5 & 6, which admittedly were terrible, get almost unanimously bashed for doing nothing but following what RE4 started. RE4 was a good action game, but beyond the village in the very beginning, it didn't feel a whole lot like Resident Evil. Revelations was more of what I was expecting, and I wish I had the chance to play RE4 before the first version was canned.

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