Halo: Master Chief Collection will be enhanced for Xbox One X

Years later, Microsoft is returning to Halo: Master Chief Collection.

The anthology of classic Halo games will be updated with Xbox One X "advancements" next year, developer 343 Industries revealed in a community livestream last night.

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Obscure_Observer336d ago


This Remake is already awesome with great graphics! Can only wonder what they will bring this time!

YAO-BLING335d ago

a turd will be a turd no mater how you repaint it

TheRealHeisenberg335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Come on now, no need to comment so badly about the PS4 Pro.

YAO-BLING335d ago


Obscure was just stating facts... leave him alone

335d ago
Gman32336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

I was hoping halo mcc was gonna get xbox one x enhanced patch just too bad its coming in 2018

Gman32336d ago

Im waiting for the 60 comments talking about how bad this game is

Gman32335d ago

This guy besides come on you know how sony fanboys be coming for xbox one x

andrewsquall335d ago

@Gman32 So much for your "60 comments". Nothing here but the typical paranoia of an xbox fanboy.

Gman32335d ago

Yeah most of the time these post would be fill up with alot comments so im shock its not

Neonridr336d ago

That's great news.. wonder what sorts of framerates and resolution we will see?

LAWSON72335d ago

You are going to see 60 fps in everything the MCC has to offer just like before.

Neonridr335d ago

here's hoping we see 4K for some of the games too (especially the earlier titles)

335d ago