The Forza's strong: Forza Motorsport 7 Review | Driving

The handling is superb for those who aren’t pro-gamers. If you’re used to iRacer, or even Project Cars 2, you might feel the way the cars moves around on track is a little foreign, and perhaps inconsistent, but for us, Forza is much less frustrating experience than either of those. Anyone should be able to jump straight into the game and play, and do so with a joypad (no expensive wheel and pedal set-up required). We were still able to feel immediately the differences between the vehicles, both subtle and pronounced. The way they pitch and roll, understeer and oversteer seems remarkably well judged.
Removing driver assists brings extra realism as well as challenges. Switching off ABS, for example, has a more profound effect on some cars than others, reflecting different brake disc sizes, tyres, weight balance, and so on.

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