Farewell Visceral: The Push Toward the Destiny Model Claims Another Victim

USGamer: "Single-player games are pivoting to Destiny clones or open-world games, but I miss the more refined, simpler days."

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XiNatsuDragnel343d ago

No EA screw U people. But good bye Viseral sad days.

tiyoxela343d ago

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Bleucrunch342d ago

Yea, it is really sad to see Visceral go and EA adds another notch against them. Can't stand that company more and more. So glad I do not support their games.

SegaGamer342d ago

Sadly, nothing will change because as a business, EA are doing great. They won't give a damn about us moaning or how people view them because they are making money. The only way this company will change is if people stop buying their games, but most gamers won't do that. Gamers will bitch and moan but that won't stop them buying EA's games. This cycle will continue because gamers let it.

-Foxtrot343d ago

Because idiots keep buying shitty games like Destiny

TankCrossing343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

But... you bought the collectors edition :p

-Foxtrot343d ago

I learnt my lesson

That’s why I’ve been against the second

I learn...people don’t

Omnisonne343d ago

You have to admit there is something comical about people buying into the same snake oil marketing all over again.
I bet a large percentage are the exact same people that complained about the first game aswell

AnubisG343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Oh really Foxtrot? You are the smartest person on the planet huh?

What is it with people today thinking that they are so above everyone else?

How about people who purchased Destiny 2 actually LIKED Destiny 1 and like Destiny 2 as well. Oh but that's impossible because if you deem a game to be bad than it is bad and others opinions don't matter at all.

This has nothing to do with Destiny what so ever. This article is moronic. There were microtransactions and DLC before Destiny. Destiny is an awesome coop game to play with friends.

-Foxtrot342d ago


I'm sorry but if I can learn from developers past shit and my own mistakes which results in me, as a gamer, not adding to the awful shit this industry is doing, continuing the endless cycle then yeah...I like to think I'm smarter then most who keep going

"I can't believe I bought into the developers lies. I will not be buying the-OOOOOO THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED and they pinky promised to correct the wrongs? WELL IF THEY SAY SO...PREORDER"

Your comment is pretty hilarious though, you are having a go at me for thinking i'm "smarter" and "above everyone" yet here you are point blank calling the article "moronic" just because you don't agree.

AnubisG342d ago

I only wrote what I did because you said:

"I learn...people don't"

Now what does that say if not that you are smarter than everyone else?

As for me calling this article moronic; yes I did. I'm calling the article that not the author nor do I call everyone that unlike you when you suggested that you are able to learn while others can't learn.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane343d ago ShowReplies(2)
maybelovehate343d ago

Destiny is hardly a shitty game. Best coop shooter out by a large margin.

NordicRainy342d ago

Better than Borderlands? idk about that. Borderlands basically made that formula so popular.

maybelovehate342d ago

@NordKevRain: Yes, better than Borderlands. And in my opinion by a large margin. I usually put about 100 hours into Borderlands games "which I love" but I typically put over a 1000 hours into Destiny games. The raids especially are better than anything in Borderlands. And in Destiny 2, I would even argue that the characters rival Borderlands, Fail Safe is up there with the best of them.

Liqu1d342d ago

I disagree, Warframe is better imo. The only thing I think Destiny does better are the raids.

Realms342d ago


Your argument is flawed because you're assuming that people don't have bad taste in games. IMO I don't like games like Destiny because they offer very little content and leave the player to bring the fun to the game by interacting with their friends online. For better or worse that is what Destiny is a good shooter with bare bones content many of these players only play this game that is why they don't care about storylines, offline replay ability or depth. Much like the only Madden gamers or only NBA2K players or only Racing sim players.

Seraphim342d ago

The problem is.... F Destiny, F Bungie and their BS but.... Destiny is still a solid and fun game at it's core. Here's the catch though, we've been burned time and time again and soon people will stop supporting it. I bought 2 hoping for the best but now I'm done. After being hosed again, after the boneheaded changes Bungie made, after receiving another Vanilla game... I don't care what changes they make. This half arse retail release chopped to the bare bones, idiotic changes and things Bungie does, the lack of content out of the box and from DLC to DLC or fact that the game needs new DLC every 3 months, etc.

Personally I have nothing wrong with the model. I think it's a great model both financially and for gamers. However, in using the strategy developers need to release a robust, content filled game out the box. Not this chopped and cut bare bones crap. Look at it like a MMO. Release a robust, very fulfilling game then role out the Updates regularly with a new Expansion every so often.

Having said that I'm still very a much a single player, campaign driven gamer. There's room for all types of games and this push to be like Destiny will only hurt gaming in limiting in what we have to play. Not everything needs to or should be based off this model. I'm looking forward to Anthem but should they pull the crap Bungie has I will hold my breath on any games in the future until the word is out exactly how much content is here to be played.

fiveby9342d ago

Well, Destiny is not shitty. However, I don't think every game needs to emulate the Destiny model. I enjoy Destiny but I surely also enjoy great single player games. I expect Wolfenstein NC could be good as well as God of War. and others. The issue here is not Destiny, it is that EA feels to create everything in that image. They already have Anthem in dev. Now they have to make all Star Wars titles the same? EA really has a terrible impact on gaming.

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Mikelarry343d ago

Its only gonna get worse with more studios shutting down as publishers push more towards a games as a service model. I read a comment somewhere where someone made an interesting point saying with most AAA adopting this model most gamers are gonna choose maybe 3 games and support that for a long time what will happen to the others that nobody plays which would lead to my original point of losing more studios and shrinking the innovation in this industry AAA to zero.

Malphite343d ago

Hopefully creative people like Amy Hennig will manage to leave the sinking ship before it's too late.

TankCrossing343d ago

They terminate their contracts. They don't actually execute any of the people.

andrewsquall343d ago

Cliffy B was saying the same thing about 5 years ago and yet a game that released the exact same day as his newest flop was an epic single player experience with ZERO added online transactions that was the highest selling game for the month of August. I am talking about Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice of course.

So it isn't all glum.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen343d ago

The CONSOLE GAMING industry isn't shifting towards online multiplayer. It's just that a few AAA development houses are attempting to emulate the success of games like DOTA and League of Legends and bring that business model to consoles. Unfortunately, consoles have a limited life-cycle and any online multiplayer/GAAS games on consoles will also have a limited life-cycle. This limitation does not apply to PC.

Mr_Writer85343d ago

Well hopefully BC will be a "must" for all consoles going forward.

I'd love to be able to fire up my current copy of Overwatch on a launch PS5 in a few years time, without having to rebuy the game, that will go along way to keep games alive on console.

The_KELRaTH343d ago

The Destiny model? what 5 weeks playing Destiny 2 and the game is now nearly dead due to a serious level of lack of content. I genuinely feel ripped off.

Liqu1d343d ago

I'd personally recommend Warframe for that type of game, completely free and you don't have to spend any money at all if you don't want to.

ninsigma343d ago

As fun as it was, D2 really died off quick.

ravinash343d ago

I remember D1 having similar issues when it came out.
Why another company would look at this as a good model is beyond me.
I can only guess they their looking at the $$$ of having games as a service and trying to force everyone into that model.
If you take away all other options, then people will have to play it.

Thank god for indies.

ninsigma343d ago

I'm not that fussed if Devs want to try their hand at the model. I have nothing against Anthem. But to take an in development game that we know was an action adventure narrative driven game and gut it to be a GAAS is very upsetting.

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kevnb343d ago

there isnt many single player games that will last you 5 solid weeks, destiny is more a co op game with some mmo lite elements.

maybelovehate343d ago

First of all it is not nearly dead. And 5 weeks is a long time. Most Single Player games I have trouble getting 1 week out of them.

Ethereal342d ago

It's comments like this that got us into this mess. Games are taking longer to develop and fulfill the enormous expectations gamers have today. When marketing and analysis teams read these comments or get this feedback from focus groups about a lack of content it only fuels the fire that a focus single player game will not be received well by the general gaming populace. I have been saying that the rise of DLC has been detrimental to the evolution of gaming for years. People don't want to spend $60 on a game they know they can beat in 6-10 hours or lasts a mere 5 weeks as you say and have nothing more to do. So we get DLC season passes or design changes to make sure they get the money up front and turn the game into a "service". So many fail to realize that just two generations ago we purchased $50 games that had ZERO online features and could be completed in 6-10 hours and no one bitched and moaned about a lack of content. Hell, if you showcased a game like Destiny on PS2, gamers would have lost their minds. The current market and gamer mentality has driven this change to games as a service.

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