Why Didn’t Virtual Reality Take Off?

We all knew it was coming. Virtual Reality is the next step in gaming: total immersion, total control.But how could so much potential be so unrealized?

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Moonman399d ago

It needs a must have, super appealing game.

Fextralife399d ago

It would be interesting to see what that game would be and how it would look like.

Apocalypse Shadow399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Article starts off wrong. Let's begin...

**The PlayStation VR headset costs $400, only plays VR-compatible games**

FALSE. You can play regular games in cinematic mode.

**requires its own separate controllers**

FALSE. You can use the dual shock controller.

**Except, in order to use it, you have to have another gaming platform to use it with. One which also costs $400**

FALSE. PS4 costs as low as $250 and also plays PSVR. Not just the $399 Pro. See how this article is already garbage? And, how else was Sony going to make it work without something to power it? Oculus and Vive require powerful PCs. But Sony isn't allowed to use PS4 as PSVR's power unit?

To say you need a great sound system or the best HD TV to play PS4 is also false. Only thing right so far is that PSVR is kind of expensive for the average user.

**You know, kinda like how a Nintendo Switch can only play games made for the Switch, and so on.**

Got [email protected]%& duh! What else is it going to play? Xbox? PC games?

**Virtual reality can’t survive in the same market as $60 games and $400 consoles**

Sigh... PSVR games cost less than $60 and again, this idiot forgets that PS4 also can play PSVR which isn't $400 in price.

**I’ll gladly take a pure virtual reality console over a double-priced double console.**

Ridiculous! See above.

**It needs more time to grow and develop**

Finally got something right.

**Unfortunately, something this big and pricey will need an entire company backing it fully. Sony, Microsoft, and even Nintendo can’t afford to, not when they have their own consoles to worry about.**

What? Sony is supporting PS4, PS4 Pro and PSVR. There's more than 100 games and 60 more by early next year. With games like ace combat 7, sairento, doom, dreams, etc to look forward to. The only thing needed is reduction in price. But prices lower over time just as any platform does when it's out long enough. Like PS4 started at $400 and is now as low as $250.

VR is just starting out. It has entered gaming, education, science, construction, art, real estate, entertainment like music and movies, etc. It took gaming 40 years to get where it is today. Don't expect VR to take the world by storm in a year's time. Common sense.

Fextralife399d ago

Whilst I appreciate you taking the time to detail your thoughts on this, your assertions aren't necessarily true. (Also to clarify, I didn't write this article and I have my own, separate views from those of the author). I do find your tone unnecessarily hostile, calling other people "idiots" isn't likely to assist in any form of nuanced debate.

The PS VR headset is actually USD 600 where I am at (I own one), and does require a separate controller: The Playstation camera. I have a PS4 pro I purchased for 399.99 - So I have actually spent USD 1000 on the VR + Console. Yes the bargain bit exists, but the LAUNCH PRICE was indeed way too high.

Games made on other platforms that are not for VR work attrociously on VR monitors. If you have a headset: How many times did you screen fog up? Did you get neck pain? Did you find the screen gets unaligned when moving around? Did you see the controls become unresponsive under lengthy sessions and you have to go refresh the camera settings?

Regarding the value of the games, yes some VR games are USD 30. Others are more and don't deserve to be called Games, they are demos. I have several and have played several and can see there are good and bad, but overall the content within those games aren't worth the pricetag because they are simply not fully delivered, QA tested, and the input mechanisms for controls are hurtful.

The author states that for VR to flourish it needs the full backing of a very wealthy company: this is a mathematical truth. Sony is supporting VR but it's seeing outlandish losses doing it, with market values threatening to make the platform go towards the PS Vita route: almost abandonment.

I don't want that to happen, but coming from someone that owns the VR and has it gathering dust, it's easy for me to agree with the author that it's an expensive and unworthy purchase at this stage - unlike what the marketers are trying to tell us by stuffing the E3 / Gamescom / TGS with a bunch of virtual booths. It's an epic experience, for 15 minutes, then you want off the ride.

freshslicepizza398d ago

Well he likes to use different parameters whenever it suits him. He will tell you the PS4 is five years old and that you need a powerful PC to use Oculus and Vive that have much newer hardware. Which is false. A videocard released the same year as the PS4 can still work. Then he will use todays pricing for PSVR while telling everyone how expensive VR is on the PC. I bought my Oculus for $400 and it came with 2 cameras and 9 games. Yes my PC costs more but in the long run Oculus will provide much better value (no hidden online subscription fees for example, cheaper software and so on).


I disagree with your assessment VR is only capable of giving a 15 minute epic experience. Those full games are here and they are coming. Playing Project Cars 2 in VR makes going back to a 2D monitor all that less exciting. Playing Luckey's Tale gives a whole new perspective. Playing Defense Grid in VR is quite compelling. The Talos Principle is also out now. There is just quite a bit going on.

So one thing I will agree on with Apocolypse is it will continue to grow. This isn't going to be like crammping 3D into gaming, it's here to stay. It will take time for the AAA developers to support it but it will come. Oculus is getting top developers like Respawn and so on. The best way to push people to VR is to make expereince only possible on VR. To create a game like GT Sport and add a basic and limited VR experience to me is not the right direction. All that does is tease you. How can you expect something to grow if you can't even get your big developers to take it seriously? You can have VR enabled games but you also need to craft VR only titles too.

freshslicepizza398d ago

"What? Sony is supporting PS4, PS4 Pro and PSVR. There's more than 100 games and 60 more by early next year. With games like ace combat 7, sairento, doom, dreams, etc to look forward to. The only thing needed is reduction in price. But prices lower over time just as any platform does when it's out long enough. Like PS4 started at $400 and is now as low as $250."

FALSE. That is not real support from Sony so don't amalgamate PSVR with the PS4. That's like telling everyone Sony is supporting Vita. PSVR is a secondary platform and a peripheral, meaning it will never get the same support as we can already witness the past year.

LP-Eleven398d ago

"Well he likes to use different parameters whenever it suits him"

That's golden coming from you.

OT: The article isn't necessarily "garbage", but it certainly has a few holes in it.

andrewsquall397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

@moldybread Yet when developers do a few enhancements for XboneX its "great support from Microsoft".

Can you ever NOT be so hypocritical while pretending to be a PC gamer while hating everything Sony and loving everything Xbox?

398d ago
mafiahajeri398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Its been a year give it time, the ps4 didnt have any killer apps in its first year and this is an accessory. Also I find that most people who are touting vrs failure are people who havent experienced it or people who much or less would never invest in vr, even if they could afford it. I love my vr and have faith its second year will be epic. Resident evil alone was worth the asking price. The occulus rift has some amazing games too.

The gaming community is pathetic tbh all we see on a daily basis is doom and gloom articles about how this and that is failing. Or why you shouldnt buy this and that because of someones bias. Devolopers are turning into poltically correct shills that could not care less about their communities. Journalists have secret agendas against their unfavoured console/platforms.

They then jump at the oppurtunity to bad mouth or tout something as a failure just because they know they arent investing in it. Look at the vita, the amount of hate it got was insane. Nobody takes a leap of faith anymore. Articles like these are part of the reason vr could end up failing.
I still remember reading simillar articles about the ps4, thank god Sony had a plan and stuck with it.

We dont deserve nice things, whenever a franchise or new tech comes out, all I hear is criticism. Also dont forget the pathetic first review of a newly released game, that gets a bad score for hits. Its sad actually.

I think we all have a part to play to make the community better, because as of right now the gaming community is as toxic as Godzilla...

Fextralife397d ago

I'm not sure it's fair to say the entire gaming community is like anything... there's a few million people I doubt they all share the same opinions on average, let alone everything.

Either way, this is the opinion of one gamer, it doesn't have to be representative or more and it does create good dialogue. We've had many positive VR coverage on our blog as well, for example:

I want VR to do well but I do understand why people are disappointed. I wasn't sad about my launch day PS4 because I had games I wanted right away. With this, the only thing that has been interesting is Star Trek Bridge Crew - and after that it's simply meh. I've been given demos at every game show I've been to of several games. They are all exciting for a while, but I cannot see myself immersing into a 4 hour marathon of Skyrim with a device that needs camera adjustment every 10 minutes, or that fogs up.

There are technological issues that the devs need to figure out before this can go forward and the only way that will happen is if we all share our experiences - both good and bad

Cobra951398d ago

- Expensive
- Socially awkward
- In its infancy, technically and developmentally
- No compelling software

ONESHOTV2397d ago

- "Expensive"--- not for the poor/ the casual console gamer
- "Socially awkward"-- I live in my own house why would I care what anyone thinks
- "In its infancy", technically and developmentally--- again the PSVR is maybe
- No compelling software--- on console yeah I guess so

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