Former Visceral Dev Reveals Dead Space 2 cost 60 Million dollars to make

they only sold 4 million and that wasn't enough.

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gantarat152d ago

Then why green lit Dead Space 3 ? pretty sure it's cost more than Dead Space 2 (19 Chapter and CO-OP mode Has more Dialogue and Cutscene)

-Foxtrot152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Last ditch attempt

That's why they literally ruined it by adding so many awful, action orientated things including shoehorned co-op. It all makes sense now.

gantarat152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Well,Visceral Games want Co-op mode since first game (Issac Clarke and Jacob Temple find their GF on ishimura) but due to time and resource they didn't make it until Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 Original Concept co-op partner was "Shadow Issac" two players would somtimes see diffrent things in the game (like Co-op mission on final product)

Kaze88151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@gantarat idk but it seemed more like an EA thing than Visceral games thing "they tried to shoehorn co-op in to the tittle" since they needed "to hit that 5 million fan base" ~EA Rep.

The co-op doesnt belong on horror games, but in DS3 it wasnt the worst feature. The game was so action based and the shoehorned "loot/crafting" ruined it.

Shadow isaac thing sounds like something that the FEAR3 tried to do with coop.

Nitrowolf2151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Pretty sure they cut back on ds3 when it came to afvertisement

From the sound of it, thats what ended up hurting it a ton. Advertisement hurt a lot when it comes to money, because it either works or doesnt. In this case they overspent

Fist4achin151d ago

Still trying to figure out the weapon upgrade system from dS 3. That sucked compared to the first two...

Harkins1721150d ago

Combining weapons in 3 was the best thing about 3....

MegamanXXX150d ago

New Star Wars game being made by visceral didn't have enough micro transaction worthy content, so, it had to be stopped.

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freshslicepizza152d ago

60 million? That seems unreasonable.

roadkillers151d ago

Yeah we dont know specifics, but games have longevity now days. So that means a game can sell 2 million at $60, 1 million at $30, 100,000 at $20, and then re-release and sell 500,000 at $40. With the online stores like Steam and Origin (psn, XBL) there should be no reason why 4 million doesnt equal success. I'm willing to bet EA made a profit, but it wasn't a big enough profit for shareholders to smile and greenlight Dead Space 4.

If they made $20 on each copy sold that would be a profit.

Ulf151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Cost of goods = $8 (this is a fact)
Retail cut = Half remaining, or minimum $10 (also a very typical number -- retail won't stock something below a certain value, in lieu of other products that could use that shelf space)

So, by your numbers (which are more front-loaded than the real numbers, I think):
2 million @ $26 ($60 - 8 - 26) = $52 million
1 million @ $11 ($30 - 8 - 11) = $11 million
100K @ $2 ($20 - 8 - 10) = $200K

total revenue: $63.2 million
dev costs: $60 million
total profit: $3.2 million

...pretty sad, given the effort poured in (5%, over several years, is far less than they could have made by merely investing their money in other areas)

This would be at retail, and of course the profits tend to be greater with digital. Digital wasn't as popular when DS2 was released, however...

Big_Game_Hunters151d ago

@ulf don't forget Sony,steam and MS take a sizable cut as well.

giyopilam151d ago

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BiggerBoss151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

If only the Dead Space devs knew about this!

MegamanXXX152d ago

That sucks. I guess no more Dead Space

gantarat152d ago

R.I.P. Earth and Humanity that get destroy by The Brethren Moons

Bahamut151d ago

Dead Space 2 was one of the best horror games to come out in recent memory. Damn shame.

PhoenixUp152d ago

Only 4 million, oh the inhumanity

OMGitzThatGuy151d ago

Most are probably from Steam sales for $1 lol

shuvam09151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

But atleast a mill would definitely be launch purchases. So breaking even wouldn't be a problem. It's just EA and their unrealistic expectation.

Dead Space 2 was Origin only...
Hardly anyone used Origin back then and Origin hardly sells for as low as Steam...
And that would also include limited editions too...

SlapHappyJesus151d ago


I have Dead Space and Dead Space 2 installed on my PC vie Steam right now ..

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