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Gran Turismo Sport is a stripped down racing simulation with most of the content locked behind a required online connection.
Gran Turismo Sport is lacking in a true racing experience that prior releases in the series were able to deliver.

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freshslicepizza395d ago

Well it looks like some reviewers are starting to take notice more.

Obscure_Observer395d ago

Forza 7 getting low scores because of loot boxes.
GT Sport getting low scores because of always online.

4Sh0w395d ago

Well GTSport looks great and from what Ive read so far the driving simulation is awesome. I'm bias but it has to be said that if this was a Xbox game always online, very-very light on content, no SP, all coming from a franchise deviating in major way from what made it= it would get crucified on n4g and definitely would take a hit in reviews for limited content.

That said I hope GT fans who don't mind enjoy it, for whatever that's worth.

NoPeace_Walker395d ago

Forza is a 86 with 71 reviews. Where is this low scores stuff you are referring about?

395d ago
Aenea395d ago

It's weird tho that multiplat games that are always online like Destiny get a pass but a racing game where you can only progress if playing against other humans does not...

Obscure_Observer395d ago


"Forza is a 86 with 71 reviews. Where is this low scores stuff you are referring about?"

Obscure_Observer395d ago


"It's weird tho that multiplat games that are always online like Destiny get a pass but a racing game where you can only progress if playing against other humans does not..."

Gran Turismo Sport shouldn´t get a pass when we now know that Yamauchi-San lied to us when he said that 85% of Gran Turismo Sport is made of offline content.

C-H-E-F395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

The always online is required by the FIA so users cant tamper with their saved files giving them an edge in the game... it allows GT to govern ones data. However, i've said this once and i'll say it a thousand times more the REAL campaign IS GT SPORT. i suppose they didn't name it Campaign because it's an Online Only mode.

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guyman395d ago

Why are you in every single gran turismo article if you arent even going to play? Do you feel better about yourself now that you've seen a 6.5/10?? Did those 9/10 scare you my boy?

bolimekurac395d ago

maybe if both sides would just stop and be happy for eachother and protect eachother no matter what system a person chooses to play on we wouldnt be doing this back and fourth taking jabs at each other.

Foxhound922394d ago

Moldy is so insecure, he's in every PlayStation article pretending to be concerned. He thinks he's sly, but actually is a joke to the community. Gt Sport is not a masterpiece, but it is a good game, it's a shame that they aren't mature enough to admit that.

Silly gameAr395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Looks like an xbox fan that doesn't even own an xbox feels threatened by a good racing game that he'll never play.

RadicalCannibal395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

No, what I think he’s saying is that it’s no Forza. Admit it, Forza is the best racer out there, you cant can you?

@Seraphim, sounds like a dud to me

Zeref395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Xbox has Forza 7 though...

It's like saying" Well xbox fans can't play Killzone" But xbox has Halo... tyou know he actual thing instead of a third-rate knock-off. Not that GT sport is a Forza knock-off but Forza is the better game here and has been for since Forza 4.

Silly gameAr395d ago


You guys want Forza to be the best racing game out. That's why you come to troll GT articles. Admit that.

You can put Forza on a pedestal all you want. It's not GT status and it never will be. That's just the honest truth.

Darkstryder360395d ago

Do you know how pathetic that sounds. Where do you even get that logic from.

Silly gameAr394d ago

What do you mean? Forza isn't GT. GT is a legendary series that Forza wishes it as. That's what I mean.

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Seraphim395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

I was incredibly disappointed today. I started w/ My Career and noticed it was only My License, Mission Challenge and Circuit Challenge. After struggling to even get past the first My License objective I was irate. I know Licensing can be tough but this was ridiculous & I've been playing GT since the first one of PS1.

So I quit and looked at dealers to see what cars are in the game. Bare Bones! Not even a 370z from Nissan, just the GTR, different versions of and a Concept car. Other manufacturers, while notable cars are there overall it's just weak.

At this point I started looking around online and realized exactly how much this wasn't a GT title but rather an esports game. This after I recall Sony specifically saying that racing is a sport hence GT Sport. Career is supposedly just what I previously mentioned. Nothing more than My License, Mission Challenge and Circuit Challenge. No more. Arcade, to some extent is apparently locked behind in game achievements & milestones.

I did go back, purchase a car, continue to try License which I got to #2, played Circuit and Mission challenges more but unfortunately this just isn't my GT. Not to say it's a bad game but it's not my traditional GT and just drops the ball in so many ways. Especially for a game, a series, that spends so much time in development.

While the game looks fantastic in 4k HDR there is really nothing at all here unless you want to play online. To that end I don't know what it entails or how good it is but this is definitely not a main entry of the Gran Turismo series. I plan on returning or trading my copy in immediately. Which is something I never do and I buy a lot of games. For all the crap Driveclub gets at least that had substance and is a great racing game.

nix395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

I'm glad you figured out about the game otherwise for most this is like getting Forza Horizon thinking it's a simcade. I already knew it's all online the day they announced it. Still I got it after I tried the demo. I'm not complaining much because I knew what I was getting.

I suck at it though. I can just look at the top 10 on even the simplest start and stop test and my god I'm so far behind. I tried the online race, started at 19 finished at 21. That's because I was struggling with the car I chose, new track and the weird settings the game had chosen (brake assistant enabled) also it was 4 in the morning.

Racing against ppl is challenging though but I hope to get better because I know I'm not that bad. lol.

Edito395d ago

I don't know why people still go to this game thinking about getting something else, this is NOT Gran Turismo 7 it's Gran Turismo Sport and online focused version of Gran Turismo and more content will be added with time.

Let me ask you, if PD told us that the game would take 3 more years how you would take that? In a bad way i guess.

Let me tell you something else, the license thing you talked about i think the license is precisely for gamers like you, you struggled because you need more training not because the game sucks in that particular area...

Give the game the time it needs, i had a blast with the demo and i am an old school gran turismo player since the very first one, Offline Championships etc. we all want that because it's cool it's cool for more than 20 years, how about stop being selfish and allow the developers to try something else?

We like to play games and they like to develop games, helping each other on that is not that hard.


nix395d ago

i wasn't even hating the game to begin with. i'm going to give it another go tonight. that online save and the ability to not to play the game when there's no internet does irritate me though.

Seraphim394d ago

@ Edito

"Let me tell you something else, the license thing you talked about i think the license is precisely for gamers like you, you struggled because you need more training not because the game sucks in that particular area..."

really, gamers like me? Yeah I'm a bit rusty and need some practice with GT but come on. I'm not some casual or crap gamer.... And even if I was it shouldn't be that ridiculous.

Furthermore, someone mentioned that Challenge #1 needed to be completed in 16 seconds for Bronze. Well, there's my problem if that's the case. For Bronze I needed to complete it in 13 seconds flat for Bronze. I could easily have gotten through Challenge #1 and #2 in 16 seconds and every run was easily under that. Not sure what #3 or beyond was because I just said screw it but I'd imagine I'd have been fine. After struggling I even checked to see what difficulty was set and had it on Beginner yet they still wanted me to complete it in 13 seconds flat for Bronze. So I don't know but if it's true it needed to be done in 16 seconds then that's why I was having such a ridiculous time trying to progress. Because I was being forced to accomplish it in 13 flat or less.

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Aenea395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Way to be on top of it all moldy! Let everyone know you're bored out of your mind without a current gen console and that you wish you had the money for an Xbox!

On-topic: this is the first below 7/10 review I've seen

Aceman18395d ago

Opinions of others mean nothing to me, I alone determine whether or not I'll enjoy a game or not.

And after playing the demo I can confidently say I'm loving what I've played so far. So all the haters, and downplayers who weren't going to buy or play it can go suck a big one lol.

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Sgt_Slaughter395d ago

I get what the article is trying to say, but this is not supposed to be GT7 with a new name, so expecting it to be like that is setting yourself up for disappointment. It's a new experience that will be supported for years to come, and an online-centric title at that.

FyBy395d ago

I absolutely agree. When I played demo , I was convinced not to buy gt sport, because I wanted good old gt experience. Next few days I started to realize, that in the end I did only online races and was frustrated how badly was online implemented and curated.

So I finally preordered GT Sport and I’m happy with it. I would like to have more cars, tracks and challenges in the future, but this is good for start. I’m looking forward for online championships like never ever in any other game ! :-)

galmi395d ago

For years to come as long as the player base sustains

darthv72394d ago

Up until the name was revealed to be GT:Sport, it was pretty easy to assume that the game in development was GT:7. So yeah, pretty much everyone thought this was going to be GT:7.

PD has a long tradition of releasing two GT games per console generation since the PS1. Not only have they broken that tradition by calling this GT:Sport but it looks like it is broken even further by this being the ONLY GT game released for the PS4 generation.

As a long time GT fan, I am rather disappointed with the end result when you see how much time was put in. I will still get the game though as I do enjoy GT but I'm going in knowing that the main portion of the game is inaccessible to me (online play).

Seraphim394d ago

the whole reasoning behind calling it Sport was because driving was a sport. I'm with you, nothing I ever saw at E3 or elsewhere said anything about this being an esports centric/only game.

ElementX395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Listened to Giant Bombcast and it sounds like this game is awful. No matchmaking, you have to start or join a lobby. You get docked sportsmanship points when people collide with you, the game is full of YouTube videos and the shop is full of crappy trivia about tiger woods and stuff.

RadicalCannibal395d ago

I think what your saying in a round about way is that you think it’s crap?

ElementX395d ago

I haven't played a racer in probably a decade. I was looking at Gran Turismo or Forza because I wanted to see how far they've come.

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