Super Mario Odyssey Outfits Inspired By Previous Games

Mario's impeccable fashion sense in Super Mario Odyssey has caught the eyes of Nintendo fans everywhere, especially those who have noticed something strangely familiar about some of the outfits seen in the game's trailers. In the past, we've seen that when Mario takes on a role, he dresses to the occasion! And this time, he's not only showing off his impressive skillset but also paying homage to one heck of an epic style evolution.

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PhoenixUp397d ago

This just makes me want Luigi in this game even more

LeeU397d ago

That would actually be kind of cool. Do you think Luigi is getting any love on the switch? Like a proper Luigi's mansion?

Pr0xi397d ago

Man, we can dream. I would love to see a Luigi IP on the Switch. They have such potential with him.

BootHammer395d ago

Really interesting article! I agree with the comments on, "where is Luigi's Mansion"?!

Odyssey is going to do gangbusters, can't wait to play through it.